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est-ce que j'ai un mutual qui a un asterisk *avec pjsip* et une ligne sip ovh ?
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Le Free Software Supporter est disponible en français. Pour voir la version française cliquez ici: fsf.org/free-software-supporte

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users, how do you manage SOTA/POTA entries in cloudlog? Have you a separated /P station profile? Or do you log in your unique station profile?
Having a /P profile breaks sync with qrz.com, eqsl, lotw...
Tnx for your feedbacks

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I've updated qrzlogger (codeberg.org/mclemens/qrzlogge):

* rudimentary contest mode is now available by starting the programm with "./qrzlogger.py -c"
* fast forward mode implemented: you can now press "d" to skip the rest of the QSO related questions. You can now log a QSO with a bare minimum of two questions: call sign and band. The rest is populated with defaults.
* changed order of questions so that the most important (for me) come first. This is because of the fast forward function

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Hello all,

I will be activating K-0030 as W7/M0XUU this weekend and on 1st August.

Will be running (tr) uSDX on 40/30/20.

72 Gopan M0XUU

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Here's a oneliner I am using to backup my QRZ.com logbook:

curl -X POST -F 'KEY=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX' -F 'ACTION=FETCH' logbook.qrz.com/api | sed -e 's/&lt;/</' -e 's/&gt;/>/' -e '/<call:/ s/_/\//' > "qrz_backup_`date '+%Y%m%d'`.adi"

Maybe it's useful for some of you. Replace XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX with the API key of the logbook.

If you have a better solution for decoding the HTML entities, please let me know. It's not 100% perfect atm but it's better than nothing if all is lost.

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I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

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We love free software. With much thanks to the talented @SachaChua for illustrating the reasons. See sachachua.com/blog/ for emacs news and more!

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I'll be attempting another activation this weekend for Support Your Parks.

Expect to be active from Tibbits State Forest (K-5338) on 20, 10, 15, and 40 as conditions and time permit. I may not be able to self spot.

I'll be running SSB and FT8/FT4.

I'm currently planning on being on Sunday from 10am EST (14:00 UTC) to about 2 or 3pm EST (18 or 19:00 UTC).

I'd be out Saturday but I've got a VE session and I'll be lifting weights. There's only so many hours in a day.

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A piece about wireless portable ops with the ICOM IC-705 on my my hugo page (which is not yet finished)


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This looks interesting: antrak.org.tr/blog/adx-arduino

"A simple HF QRP Transceiver optimized for Digital Modes [...]
– Simple to procure [...]
– Simple to build – 2 modules, 2 IC’s and 4 Mosfets!
– Simple to setup and tune [...]
– Simple to operate – Plug in ADX MIC to soundcard MIC input and ADX SPK to PC soundcard speaker input and we are good to go with any digital modes Software.
– Dirt Cheap – Costs less than 25$ to get all parts and PCB if we exclude ridiculous shipping costs!" via qrz.com

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vous traversez la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes ?
Vous y vivez ?
Vous voudriez connaître les installations connectées ou connectables au réseau ???

Alors cette partie de l' de @f4eed qui est disponible ici est pour vous :

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What temp do you like for soldering in your radios?

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Hello, mise à jour de l' () rajout des fiches relais pour les départements du et de tous est disponible ici t.co/r40ZzcHGEZ aux formats , et ... t.co/rRSj2VLNUw

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I'm looking for an ACTUAL RF engineer who understands the EE behind antenna impedance and radiation, to see whether I'm talking rubbish with this understanding or not:


Boost for visibility please?

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