📢 Any volunteers for discussion in old ?

Rendezvous every day at 19:00 UTC on

📻 3.980-3.983 MHz
📻 7.040-7.043 MHz
📻 10.142-10.143 MHz
📻 14.070-14.073 MHz
📻 18.103-18.104 MHz
📻 21.070-21.072 MHz
📻 21.085-21.087 MHz
📻 24.920-24.921 MHz
📻 28.070-28.073 MHz
📻 50.305-50.307 MHz

in USB on all bands.
Generally, at the beginning of each frequencies range and ... at the end

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Band conditions so bad today I thought my antenna had fallen down. I need to get some decent VHF antennas up for these situations.

Christopher M0YNG is an amateur radio enthusiast who runs the mastodon.radio server for other ham radio fans. You can follow at:

➡️ @M0YNG

M0YNG shares lots of posts by amateur radio fans looking for followers, so that's a good way to meet others in this field.

M0YNG's website is at m0yng.uk and the amateur radio Mastodon server he runs is at mastodon.radio

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17m vertical continues to impress me, worked into Alaska at 5 watts (FT8) last night.

And of course a vertical is easy to put in a tiny plot like mine. I used a fishing pole, some wire and a simple matching circuit, super cheap but big impact.

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I've been able to have QSOs with Pacific Islands that were impossible on the other antenna, so I can observe the angle of radiation I've read about and see the effects. For local (Western Europe) however the inverted L is better, the vertical really seems optimised for DX.

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It's a few weeks since I put up my virtual antenna for 17m, the differences between it and my inverted L are quite interesting (to me).

We just passed 500 accounts on mastodon.radio :alex_partying:

I'm glad we can be a comfy home for so many people across the world who share the same interest.

(I'm not interested in being the ONLY home for radio amateurs, there are plenty of you out there on other servers too!)

I'm pleased to note that even dolphin.town, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

I should probably make an effort to occasionally say something on here!

Welcome to all the folk arriving from Twitter and elsewhere

seems to happen mostly on 40 and 80 m. The QSO party ends Sunday 19 UTC. I would like to activate 30 m a bit, for an hour or so somewhere Sunday 9-14 UTC. Anybody would like to set up a sked, so I'm not the "caller in the desert"? Choose an hour!

Not so far from this QRZ.com virtual award !
Any operators from Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova, Ireland, Albania, Iceland... here ?

🇩🇰 🇱🇻 🇱🇹 🇸🇰 🇲🇩 🇮🇪 🇦🇱 🇮🇸

We could schedule a QSO ( would be easier)


Hey everyone, a supernova just went off in Cassiopeia!!!! Right now it is in the early stage so only visible by telescope but after a few days it is likely to be visible to the naked eye. Supernovas are fairly rare so might want to make some time to see this one!

#astronomy #Astrophotography #space #science

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