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Hello World! My name is Marc (DO1MJ), QTH JO53 (Hamburg, Germany). Ham Radio Operator since 2022 :)

I am an nerd, so expect some and toots from me. I am also a software developer and admin, working in the IT since more than 25 years. I started working w/ Computers when I was 12 years old and kept this is my primary passion since then.

Looking forward to be part of this wonderful ham radio bubble :)

I just published a new blog article about my lightweight SOTA equipment that I carry with me on my long distance hiking tours.

@K4HCK Hello from DL! Is the HAMNET a thing in the US? Maybe this could be worth an article in your magazine?

All right. I decided to translate my Weblog from German to English and have two languages online. At least a good use for my Deepl Pro plan. I hope the translations are good enough - English guys, please let me know what you think!

I spent two hours and rebuild my ham radio weblog with Hugo,

The transfer of the content was pretty easy because all pages were written in markdown already. I really like Hugo so far - looks promising - and I will dive deeper into the framework in the next days and weeks.

I also met with a group of OMs from Holland who also activated the Lemberg. I got some QSL cards from them - really nice guys! 🥳

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Today was my second day in a row and I was able to activate the Lemberg DM/BW-038 @1015m quite easily today. Had some nice QSOs with people driving home from Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen as well as some summit 2 summit QSOs with Switzerland. The view was beautiful and I did a little hike afterwards. I am impressed how far I could get with this little cable antenna and 5W on 2m FM 😊

What an amazing day today. I was lucky and were able to activate two summits 🤩 I had nine QSOs on the first summit DM/BW-046 whereas three of them where S2S QSOs over 150km far away to Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland on 2m FM with 5w! On the second summit, DM/BW-147, I was able to make the 4 QSOs which are necessary for a successful activation. I really ❤️ this hobby 😁

Tomorrow I am trying to SOTA activate DM/BW-046 Plettenberg @ 1002m. Let's see how it goes. Maybe I can make QSOs with visitors of the Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen, which is only 80km far away.

Tried to make a QSO today on the COTA castle Schramberg with no luck. The nearby relay DB0CI was totally empty. At least I was able to enjoy the beautiful view 😃🏰

Zu warm für mit Regenjacke, zu nass für ohne 😵‍💫

Oh wow, the son of a friend just released his first album (single) and I really like it! 🤩

Playing Diablo Immortal on my iPhone with a Razer controller is really a great experience so far 🤩

Vampire Survivors and Nex Machina are so much fun on the SteamDeck. These games feel like developed with consoles like this in mind. Next stop: download Horizon Zero Dawn.

Today is a good day - my SteamDeck has arrived! 🎉

The wine selection for tomorrow's (vegetarian / pesceterian) barbecue 🤩

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