Did corona affect how ham radio license tests are conducted in your country?

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@dl5psy yes! You can do all the UK tests online now. And we have "temporarily" removed the requirement for a practical in the foundation license.

@M0YNG Yea, whish that is how it would have worked in DE. All tests have been cancelled until further notice. No desire to take it online I suppose. Not surprising considering the age of the OPs that have influence on that decision.

Ham radio slowing dying here...

@dl5psy Absolutely. Up until last year I’ve worked monthly exam sessions. I’ve worked 286 sessions over the last 20+ years. The American Red Cross shut down our local test site to external activities due to COVID. Most public schools and libraries were also closed. Some clubs have restarted at other locations. Some VECs have started online exams.

@W8HF In Germany, we have I think only four test places nation-wide and the tests are conducted by a federal government office. All shutdown since the start of the pandemic.

@dl5psy When I got licensed in 1984 the USA was just transitioning from FCC (Federal Government) to Volunteer Examiners. The FCC oversees the VEC program but hams conduct the testing. We need three examiners all present at exam. “Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (VECs) VECs coordinate the efforts of Volunteer Examiners (VEs) in preparing and administering amateur service operator license examinations.” - FCC

@W8HF That would already be so much better. Ugh.

@dl5psy Sorry to hear about the difficulty finding an exam opportunity. The “Maker/Builder” culture seems to have given a slight boost here to younger applicants. It always brings me hope to see applicants under 25 sitting the exam.

@W8HF Oh, I have my big license. It is more that i feel like the regulatory body and the German ARRL-equivalent let a good crisis go to waste here.

@dl5psy i believe online testing was available but it's more common now in the US. no requirement changes I'm aware of though, it just became more accessible

@dl5psy I'm in the US and took both the General and Amateur Extra exams online last month. Everything from signup to the actual exam was so smooth well run.

@dl5psy Unfortunately yes. My daughter who became eligible last year (she turned 12 last june) is still waiting for the tests to be held. 😞

@dl5psy yes. There are no tests until further notice. 😕

@dl5psy Poland. Fortunately I've got mine for a few years now, but I know some people who are interested in getting a license and there's nithing we can do to help them, other than supporting listening to the radio (what is interesting on its own)

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