is a fun mode. If you are into chatting, you may like it. Reaches as far as FT8, but allows contacts as ragchewy as you want them. Plus message store+forward features.

There's a world-wide 24h JS8 party starting 2021-11-13 at 19 UTC, with some special "party games" on 80 m on Saturday evening (mostly for central Europe). See .

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@dj3ei Ich sehe dich auf pskreporter, aber ich komme nicht raus und bekomme nichts rein. Verdammtes Funkloch hier.

@dl5psy Nanu? Auf 80 m sollte eigentlich selbst Zeug funktionieren, das nur NVIS kann. Erst recht, wenn Du erst einmal nur Empfang willst. Ist Deine Antennenanlage in Ordnung? Stecker im Funkgerät und so? (We've all been there...)

@dj3ei :D Ja, und auf WSPR bekomme ich auch eindeutig NVIS Sachen. (Du kannst ja mal DL5PSY auf nachschauen.)

Es scheint aber stark stark zu schwanken von Tag zu tag ohne das ich was an der Anlage verändere.

@dj3ei Ich sehe Antworten auf deinen Hearbeat request, aber dich nicht.

@dj3ei One handy tip is to use a directed message call to a specific call, especially the one "@ALLCALL QUERY CALL [CALLSIGN]?" but put your own callsign:
e.g. "@ALLCALL QUERY CALL ZL2GX?" (without the quotes).

This will cause any stations who can hear you to send a reply to you. It's handy for finding out not only that other stations can hear you (like but also that you can copy them.

@dj3ei Wow! I had no idea this existed! I'm a bit of a PSK31 refugee...I really like the more "direct interaction" feel of PSK31, but the world's moved on to FT8 and I do that but it's kinda boring to me. This looks like fun! I'm likely to miss the party but maybe I'll have my station ready by next month!

@dj3ei Just got it all set up and tried it out on 20 and 40. Pretty neat! The JS8Call UI isn't the greatest, but it is a fun and interesting mode.

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