Grrr things got crazy after the semester started back up and i haven't been able to do Radio things...

A very merry #Hogswatch to all!

Waiting for our insane ~8lb pork pie to cool and enjoying a nice port.

Somehow thought it was Saturday and missed both my nets... I'm cutting myself slack, i was up all night with my kid. Nothing serious, just up.

I could honestly see an older person buying crypto at and legitimately thinking they've bought some kinda gift certificate from an electronics store.

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So now that Radio Shack is completely out of the Radio business.... Shouldn't their trademark be invalid? I mean if anything its current authorized use by crypto conmen presents more consumer confusion than a radio shop with that name would.

Just found out about the Defunct toyline and now my CB handle will be C.B. McHaul Y'all!

Remember when Radio Shack sold radios?

<voice falters>

Pepperidge Farms remembers


Pepperidge farm re-remembers...

<Ugly cries while screaming>

Welp the just sent me the complete handbook rather than just a replacement for the volume that was damaged. Very nice.

Well my ARRL handbook got here damaged, but their support person was quick to sort it out and get a replacement coming my way. So that's great.


It doesn't fit. The hand in the pic is the wee one who ended up with it.

My GF: Could you run D&D on ham radio

<My pause due to analysis paralysis showing her how much ive thought about this.>

The Rfinder B1+ looks pretty cool. Not sure what the advantage is other than not having to carry around a separate DMR HT.

Me: "Well my 25 dollar radio aint up to satellite work..."

Friend: "Can it contact the ISS?"

Me: "If i throw it REAL hard."

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Well my baofeng and abbree aren't up to picking up sattelites lol.

"For more information, including how to submit reception reports, click or tap to read a text[1] file from Cap'n Rick of TRSW"


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From the LongWave Club of America:

"LWCA to be Mentioned on WRMI Sunday Night
Β  Β  Β  Radio Miami International is scheduled to carry a program from Texas Radio Shortwave this Sunday evening, 5 December, at 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central (0100 UTC), featuring the eight radio clubs that remain from the umbrella organization, ANARC. The broadcast will be transmitted on 5950 kHz. "

Hello, I'm thinking of migrating my account from to here since I'm mostly using it for anyways.

I got my Technician license 12 years ago but only bought a a couple months ago to actually start using it. I'm currently studying for my .

I've joined the , , and so far.

I'm interested in working , , learning , and getting into .


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