The world is run by a cartel of sociopaths. The list is very long, lol

Um... well you can block me if you don't enjoy economics?

I can think of a lot more war criminals that need to go lol👎 ✌

I leave it long and swap the connector to xt30/xt60

Lol that would be cool. I'm thinking more along the lines of fried rice 😋

Free wok!

I found this at an apartment dumpster. I had to sand it to get the rust out so hopefully it still works!

Oh yea. I was watching that before someone called me, thanks for reminding me

We should have refused the darpa surveillance net version of the internet that we have now, and demanded a secure network

Yea he should try to knock the price down. Twitter is garbage and I don't believe it to be salvageable

What do you expect? Commie morons are gonna be commie morons

Got the kids together for a family photo

my growing radio collection, from left to right, midland gxt1000 gmrs radio that i found in a field (the volume knob broke off so someone just chucked it out the window. Still works with a small screwdriver), radioddity gd77 dmr radio, radioddity ga-510 fm dual band (basically a baofeng with better firmware), then the mototrbo 7550e as the newest member

Rubber padded hose clamps wrapped in heat shrink, to keep the mast from collapsing

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