This wonderful song by Charlotte Campbell really lays into the music industry and celebrity culture. Nice!

Today's bread making went well. Wholemeal sourdough. Threw away the recipe and made it based on instinct.

People need to learn to see the world as a positive sum game. Anything that benefits one of us, benefits all of us. Anything that disadvantages one of us, disadvantages all of us.

It’s that simple.

Today's harvest, lettuce, first tomatoes and strawberries, basil, sorrel, spinach, snow peas, and peas for eating. Lemon balm, sage, lavender, red clover and rosemary to be dried for teas. There may have also been the first blueberries but they fell in my mouth.

Never understood my partners obsession over cable quality and care. Bought some TRS cables yesterday - love the quality, I'm converted.

Currently reading Radio Girl. The Story of Violet McKenzie the first woman to qualify as an electrical engineer in Australia and the person who set up morse code training in Aus in 1930s foreseeing that the skill would be useful to the armed forces.

I didn't know this practice had a name. especially never considered the interplay with search engines. pretty neat

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Today's job complete. New bunjis on the Ute are now affixed.

"Do not be afraid, of who you are, and what you can become" - Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin"


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