RAC "Get on the Air on World Amateur Radio Day". Monday, April 18
Événement spécial de RAC « Prenez l’air lors de la Journée mondiale de la radio amateur » : lundi 18 avril


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Today I was able to activate my first SOTA summit, yay! Took me two hours of calling cq until I finally had my 4 QSOs and two of them were summit to summit QSOs! 🤩🚀🎉🏔️

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My Peertube instance on now runs fine and the first YouTuber copied some of his videos over, yay! Funkfieber is on Board.

Have a look 😎


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My tiny ham radio HF portable Go Kit (pen for scale). Includes:

power lead
antenna cables

This should help me not to forget something the next time I'll go /p ;)

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An azimuthal map helps to visualize distance from home to other world regions


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Tous les medias étrangers ou indépendants sont chassés du territoire russe ou l'ont fui de leur propre initiative. Dans quelques mois, ce sera aussi le cas en Ukraine, en Géorgie et en Moldavie.

Pourquoi ? Parce qu'ils ont stupidement abandonné le seul satellite gratuit et non censurable qu'est l'ionosphère.

Ressuscitons les ondes courtes.

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Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet.

Next, @briar . #Briar is instant messaging with a twist: it can use a mesh of Bluetooth devices. Or #Tor. Or, heck, SD cards to carry your IMs. When Internet is available, it uses #Tor. 2/

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Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet

Finally among Open Source tools, #Meshtastic uses #LoRa radios to build a long-distance, low-power, encrypted IM system. It requires specialized hardware, about $30, but also assembles a mesh network.

meshtastic.org/ and meshtastic.letstalkthis.com/ 6/

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I have a new post on my blog: Tools for Communicating #Offline and in Difficult Circumstances. It condenses ideas discussed in this thread. changelog.complete.org/archive

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Okay, something a bit different today:

The internet grew up relatively unrestricted, but now governments are blocking it ever more tightly. Putin blocks Tor, for example.

We perhaps need a "Plan B" for following world events, just in case things go really bad.

I'd like to introduce you to #ShortwaveRadio

Before the internet and satellite, #shortwave #radio used to be the most popular way to follow the whole world's media in real time. Every country had its own transmitter, and the dial was full of place names (see the attached photo).

Most services shut down due to the internet, but some are coming back. The BBC just reactivated its shortwave Ukrainian service, for example.

Shortwave radios are very simple and low power, they need just a couple of AA batteries, some even have handcrank power. A basic model costs about €30 / $30, and lets you pick up broadcasts from around the globe.

I'd suggest getting one and putting it in storage. You never know when it might be useful.

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Idea: Stationary ballon as ad-hoc UHF/VHF repeater. Does anybody know what the legal situation for such things is in Germany? :D

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So, after discussions about interesting bands, I've tried to find good length to build an exotic multiband windom with MMANA-GAL.
I've found that an OCF dipole with a 2 wires 5.49m + 10.98m could be fine for 17m, 10m and 6m bands. Due to high impedance (between 540 and 900 ohm), a 1:12 or 1:9 (more common) will be required.
Have you ever seen this kind of antenna ??

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Dear hams of mastodon: I was thinking that it would be nice to have a regular net - maybe via EchoLink or DMR. What do you think?

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