Currently reading: The Lonely Man of Faith by Joseph B. Soloveitchik 📚

Seen this tag all over Philadelphia and it’s prompted some questions.

Gray ratsnake. One of the kids spotted it the other day and I’ve been trying to catch a look at it since for a positive ID.

Muscadine are really taking off this year. This is ‘Triumph;’ we also have a ‘Tara Gold’ that’s doing well.

Putting a small plug in for, if you're looking for more IndieWeb goodness. Have been a paying customer for a little while now and very much like it. Excellent integration with Mastodon, too.

Am old enough to remember the Internet before the web - saw an early version of NCSA Mosaic in a university mac lab). The gonzo vibe of the fediverse is what the entire early/mid-90s Internet felt like. No brands, no centralization. Just...this.

Just got the email that Emergence Vol. 3 is available for pre-order! Pre-ordered! Such great work and beautifully produced too.

Currently reading: The Institutes, translated and annotated by Boniface Ramsey by St. John Cassian 📚

Greetings from grid EM65! Radio interests: HF, SDR, utility DX SWL, occasional antenna tinkering. More details on QRZ or in the blog (link in bio).


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