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X-pol low noise LFA Yagis for 2m with coax cables correctly exiting the rear of the antennas. Need advice on EME? Contact us

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The new kid on the block - 50MHz 7el Yagi by YU1CF, thanks Tom @SP5XMU@twitter.com for excellent advice. Back to Six after so many years...

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has released downloadable IQ recordings which can be used to check out the operation of SDRuno & related s/w.
Whether you have an RSP or not, you can use these IQ recordings in SDRuno to test particular use cases.
Click here for more: sdrplay.com/iq-demo-files/

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Am vergangenen Wochenende fand unser alljähriger Fieldday des OV K14 statt. Unter Einhaltung der Corona Regeln und leider weniger Besuchern wie in den Vorjahren, war es trotzdem ein gelungenes heißes Wochenende.

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New York City shines.

This photo, taken from the station in February 2020 by @Astro_Jessica@twitter.com, captures the city's radiant lights. Today, we reflect on the lives lost 19 years ago and the heroism of first responders. go.nasa.gov/2Nzpd5d

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Amazing pic from 9/11 of a firefighter riding his Harley to get to the Twin Towers

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I have seen a few asking about the antenna. Here is a photo of the Columbus module. The antenna is just a simple flexible whip located on the nadir (Earth facing) side of the module.

62 years

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Time for some cake. The original Class D CB on 11 meters, or 27 MHz, is 62 years old today. Citizens band has gone a long way in those years!

Interesting music fact: 's vocalist and bassist was 's roadie in the late sixties.

Interesting music fact: guitarist mixed the sound for guitar hero at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 1970.

September 12 an experimental transmission on 14, 2 khz

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Experimental transmission from a high altitude balloon on 14.2 kHz, former frequency of the Babice Transatlantic Radio Station in Poland (photo).
The balloon will be launched on Sep 12 at 1100-1200 UTC by the Warsaw University of Technology @PW_edu@twitter.com

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