What work do on the laptop. Good coffee & the radio on 648 kHz. 👍

Overview of leaders in the mobile phone market for 30 years...

@M0YNG @Wilfred A #towertuesday #fediTowerTuesday post showing my current set of antennas:
* Discone in foreground. 25MHz to 1.3GHz.
* Diamond X30 behind it, 2m and 70cm.
* Comet H422 on 40ft mast at back corner of house. 40, 20, 15, and 10m rotatable dipole.

Not visible:
* 40m end fed half wave at 20ft around back yard perimeter.
* 1090MHz and 978MHz ADSB receivers on shed in back yard.

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SV5/DL4EA Stats
247 QSOs (84 LEO, 163 GEO) and 183 unique calls.Logs are uploaded on LotW and eQSL. Paper QSL have been ordered and will be sent via bureau shortly. Thanks to all of you for the QSOs. Best 73, Antonio DL4EA

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That went together easy. Not comfortable hauling it up on the roof by myself. Going to have to wait for @KI7UXT@twitter.com to come over and help. 🤓

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Sunny SoCal day for single-op portable at DM04sd for -UHF Contest (1345' ASL on Mulholland Drive). Antennas simplified this time to 6m moxon and LPDA for 2m thru 23cm.
Great to work so many rovers! Tnx to all for QSOs & 73

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More fun. This time a custom spacer to hold a Wellbrook loop stub mast inside a 50mm tube. 5 minutes to design and 50 minutes to print. I love being able to just print what I need!

Does anyone have experience with a distro that's good for toddlers on up. Maybe something that can grow with them? Alpahbet games, puzzles, object identification eg. Also maybe an impact resistant cheap laptop?

On 15 meters beconing and monitoring VarAC with my trusty Toughbook

I seriously want to try building just such an antenna to get on 160m or something.

I don't have the real estate for a REAL 160m antenna.

I have no experience with this mini light endfed antenna, but I do have a hyendfed for 10-20-40 meters. I'm satisfied with that. I hear a lot of positive reviews about the minifed.

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