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Here started all! It uses channel 15 FM of citizen band. I added a volume potentiometer... πŸ˜‚ (young DIY)

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Checking in to the Albuquerque Boat Anchor HF net tonight on 7203 kHz. Running the Drake TR-4Cw! Ken KO5Y running net control.

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Why do I prefer ?
Therefore πŸ‘‡

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Here we go again... another @Windows@twitter.com 10 update πŸ˜‘

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Yesterday I picked up an EEE PC netbook (1011PX) with win10. Not a very fast machine 😁. But today I put the program on it. So on a 10.1 "screen works great πŸ‘.

Looks like nice toys for the . First I will invest in . expansion follows when I win the lottery...

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The new Malahit-DSP: A portable all-in-one wideband SDR receiver goo.gl/fb/zzppGh

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RSGB NRC has successfully completed realignment of SteppIR beam and Yaesu rotator is back in action.

Don’t forget RSGB Members can download a free entry voucher for @bletchleypark@twitter.com

Take your licence for opportunity to operate GB3RS. See rsgb.org/bletchley-park-vouche

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I'm negotiating some vintage Realistic scanners. The seller does not know if they are still working πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
He will test them tomorrow...


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Heb het Sailor-virus weer helemaal te pakkenπŸ˜‰. Na wat dokteren en rondvragen nu ook de Lower Side Band geactiveerd (LSB) in de Sailor RE2100 scheeps zendontvanger. (Voor 160, 80 en 40m Hamradio) . Het blijft een Rolls Royce en is onverwoestbaar. Deze set is ruim 30 jaar oud!

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We recently welcomed Ken Dunthorn (RAF 3086778) to the RSGB National Radio Centre as part of his visit to @bletchleypark@twitter.com
He was delighted to reminisce back over 70 years, when he worked with R1155’s as an RAF wireless engineer.

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