The highest water level was reached last night. It came close to the critical limit. It's going down slowly now.

No flooding in my village. But we remain alert.

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The level of the Maas (a rriver) is extremely high. It will be exciting in my village for the next few hours. How high does the water level get? Should we evacuate? Will the flood defenses hold up?

I expect it to end well.

Visited a ham operator this weekend. Longer than intended. Exchanging thoughts about equipment, antennas, propagation etc. Hamradio means: social, helpful & sharing. Always!

In real life, on Twitter & Mastodon.



This weekend I'm going to pick up a vintage astro plane AV-101. A base antenna for cbradio from the late 70's & early 80's.

Father's Day & my father's birthday were difficult days. Last Thursday we had to give up his dog by euthanasia. An emotional moment.

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The last few weeks I have been very busy working with my mother. Too little active on & .

Scientex SR-01. With 8 channels (26.968, 26.976, 27.040, 27.080,
27.088, 27.112, 27.120 & 27.144 MHz) and 500mwatt...



Nice & interesting development.


Linux tablet maker JingLing secures $10M funding, starts JingPad crowdfunding campaign

Next week (presumably) the announcement of . Curious about the (system) requirements...

Don't forget: always works on older systems!

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