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Pretty toy @TowerBusters@twitter.com by K7NV @DXEngineering@twitter.com mast, trusts bearings and SS rotor shelf

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/XE2K/status/113738

Doing a small & quick inspection. A 60's with central. Unfortunately no longer original. Red copper with bakelite horn.

(old telephones were "stripped", red copper was more "beautiful" than black plastic... ☹️)

Today I picked up a XF2200 80's basic cbradio (22 FM channels 0.5 watt).

Also a Late 70's 12 FM channels (81-84 / 160-164 / 467-472 MHZ) crystalscaner. A skysearch II (SM-112).

With some loose crystals. That will be oldschool puzzling with crystal codes πŸ˜‰.

Welcome @sp6mr, @faveing ​​& @vu3rdd. Hopefully you will feel at home here soon!

73's from the Netherlands.

Andy's Hamradio from KB1OIQ is also on the nomination list. This is a remastered version of Ubuntu.


Thanks for the quick response πŸ‘. Naturally, instead of Linux mint, other distros such as Gnome 3, Debian & Ubuntu are also good options. I'm looking for iso's, to see them live.


Leave Windows10 on the (shack) desktop, or replace it with Linux Mint to use SDRPlay?

(I already use Linux mint 19 Xcfe 32bit on the laptop)

Very satisfied with mint 19 (Tara Xfce 32 bit) on the Acer travelmate 5742.

Windows 10 runs on the Dell optiplex 780 that is reserved for .
For the time being...

I'm Wilfred, from the Netherlands. I was infected with the radiovirus at my birth. Member of the Whiskey Alpha Charlie, CBradio DX club (1983), callsign: 19WAC3067. Member of the VRZA, the hamradio club (1951), callsign: PA11343. Here I'm registered as a listening-station (SWL). A preference for HF due to DXing. Soon I will have the SDRplay in my shack. For o.a. digi modes, satellites & hambands. Lover of vintage (tube) radio's, audio components & speakers.



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