A question.

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Anyone know of a simple Linux ISO I can install tools for amateur radio that is not for raspberry PI. I tired skywave and it just does not load. Pretty much out the box style with most the opensource stuff installed

It's always great to see, how older hardware comes back to life with a nice Linux injection 💉 🐧
Have fun with it 👍

runs great on windows XP or 7 laptops netbooks ... (I have the same laptop)

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Got done installing Linux Mint Cinnamon on my old Thinkpad T420 (currently updating) - which began to sound like a bomb a few years back so I couldn't use it any longer; works great now and beats the other shitty potato that I was using and that gladly died today :D

tip for freaks!

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Back in stock and selling fast! Our new Christmas card features a stunning image of our radio ship Ross Revenge under starry night sky. Words inside: ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’. A6 card, packs of 20. Available here - rcsocietysales.co.uk/posters.h

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We are offering a second SDR package in our game. Who will be our second winner?

and to win an awesome SDR package:

Airspy R2 + Airspy HF+ Discovery + YouLoop Antenna + Preamp

- AND/OR -

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Classic pic.

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About 8,000 light-years away, a cluster of young stars called Pismis 24 unleashes intense radiation and winds, carving out a cavity in the nebula where the stars formed. This shows the cluster and part of the nebula, called NGC 6357: go.nasa.gov/2J6u9y7

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Antenna change @SatNOGS@twitter.com station done. Changed X30 vertical into TA-1 for VHF and K5OE eggbeater for UHF. Next days the wideband LNA by T.G.N will be changed into VHF and UHF super LNA by TGN

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The new kid on the block - 50MHz 7el Yagi by YU1CF, thanks Tom @SP5XMU@twitter.com for excellent advice. Back to Six after so many years...

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Massive new InnovAntennas low noise X-pol LFA Yagi system for 50MHz @ OH2BC. 10m booms and 21m+ wide Cross boom

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WOW!! The was dancing like crazy tonight right outside our door!!

Taken from 🇳🇴

There's a great chance of seeing it at high latitudes in the US.

@weatherchannel@twitter.com @weathernetwork@twitter.com @Lauratobin1@twitter.com @StephanieAbrams@twitter.com @webcamsdemexico@twitter.com @PlanetarioMad@twitter.com @JenCarfagno@twitter.com @mikeseidel@twitter.com

The sample return mission is scheduled to start tomorrow between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM UTC.

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Today's the day!

China's lunar sample return mission soon lifts off, soft landing on the Moon's far side in a couple of days.

Humanity hasnt brought samples back from the Moon since 1975, and we're happy to be supporting the exciting mission with our network!

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It's that time of the year again... You have no excuse not to get our Award Winning SDR receivers!

In this year's game, we offer an Airspy R2 + Airspy HF+ Discovery combo.

To participate, and

30% Discount: airspy.com/purchase

A photo from 1998. Very impressive!

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in 1998, Hubble unveiled this image of the Hubble Deep Field South, which featured thousands of dazzling, never-before-seen galaxies. It took a 10-day-long observation to capture this patch of the universe, near the south celestial pole.

Learn more: go.nasa.gov/3981bsh

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More great radio to come. Tune in our shortwave stations. Listenable on a receiver built in 1930 or a newfangled SDR on line. Wow- such a versatile technology. Available anywhere, anytime. Just tune 6160/7490/9330khz. Free to listen-always. Happy 100th plus broadcasting.

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When Arno Meyer passed away last year, it marked the end of a notable chapter in broadcast engineering. There’s a good chance that virtually every experienced radio engineer has used Belar monitors. Here's a look back at his career.


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Absolute 1215kHz with 6k bandwitdh... Today I have UK stations here 😎

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The beautiful sound of AM radio! Danmarks Radio Langbølge on 243 kHz interval signal 🇩🇰 |

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