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August 2021 issue of QST missed a chance to make a beverage antenna joke on their cover image.

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I made my girlfriend draw this 'bare metal server'
pun. No regrets.

I am going to say that I continue to roll my eyes as some of the ridiculously irrelevant questions in the exam pools though.

Why does a ham need to know that "ROM" stands for "Read Only Memory"? I'm edging into "writing an angry letter to the VEC question pool comittee" territory, but the danger inherent in that is getting myself volunteered to it.

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Did another batch of online ham exams today and took some time after to improve the google sheet where I keep my records.

Delightfully, noticed that 100% of people who've taken the Tech exam during sessions I've been part of have passed. That makes me super happy.

General: 91% pass rate
Extra: 68% pass rate

That actually tracks pretty well with expectations that higher license should be harder.

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usgovt marijuana 

are you fucking kidding me

Putting this here so that it's somewhere.

The windows driver for Yaesu's SCU-35 cable is hiding in their software bundle for the radio you plan to use it with.

So for example, it doesn't matter if you plan to use CHIRP with your FT-65R, you still need to get the driver bundle by downloading the entire "FT-65R/FT-65E Memory Programmer" bundle from the product page.

Because reasons.

Annoyed because literally nowhere on the internet thought to mention this. So I am.

Say what you will about ham stereotypes. During one of our testing sessions last Saturday, the candidate was running Linux and the other examiners kept asking if that was a version of Apple.

It feel so wrong that my VHF rig has been getting more use as a broadcast FM receiver lately. But gotta get my NEWS somehow!

US hams! There are spots still open for this Saturday's "Field Day Amateur Extra Upgrade Party".

Remote testing conducted by GLAARG VEC using ExamTools. All you need is an FRN, a computer with zoom and a browser, and a distraction-free environment.

This session is focused on upgrades to Extra prior to the question pool roll-over, but all are welcome.

Sign up at: hamstudy.org/sessions/5ed846bd
Other sessions listed at: hamstudy.org/sessions

NanoVNA is working again! TL;DR - The USB-C adapter isn't delivering power to the charge controller, so I soldered in leads for a spare 5V adapter I had lying around.


£340 for a USB device that will 'protect the user from harmful 5G' using proprietary "stick and sticker" technology.

As in, it's made from a £5 memory stick and a 0.5¢ sticker.

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Friend of mine (and very good cook) got started in his own restaurant this month. The worst of luck now as it's a lovely place to hang out, but they can only do takeaway and delivery now. If you live in the area (Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam), want to support and/or have very tasty food; check them out: rijncantine.nl/

#supportyourlocals #food

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SE Michigan "shut-in" net 

With the help of WB8TKL and @SteveW8SFC and a rotating cast, we had the 10am ARROW "shut-in" net for those of us spending the morning with our radios. The plan is to check in at 10am, 2pm, and 7pm daily on the 146.96- repeater located in Ann Arbor.

Six check-ins this morning.

I will make a point to mention mastodon.radio on the air to let people know. @AB3DC is ARROW club president.

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Maybe ham masto will recognize this one.

Does ANYONE remember Rocky's Boots?
Edutainment game for the Apple ][e.
Teaches basic logic gates through a puzzle solver.

I've asked SO MANY software nerds about this and nobody else seems to remember it. Did I imagine it? Who the eff taught me logic circuits then? EXPLAIN THAT!!!

Looking for a short, cute call?
I was considering picking up K6YO tomorrow (when it comes available), but I decided it wasn't "me" enough. So have at it, fediverse.

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Our friend Chris finally did a write-up of his 16 core Z80 alternate future cyberdeck, and it is absolutely beyond bonkers:

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