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SE Michigan "shut-in" net 

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Maybe ham masto will recognize this one.

Does ANYONE remember Rocky's Boots?
Edutainment game for the Apple ][e.
Teaches basic logic gates through a puzzle solver.

I've asked SO MANY software nerds about this and nobody else seems to remember it. Did I imagine it? Who the eff taught me logic circuits then? EXPLAIN THAT!!!

Looking for a short, cute call?
I was considering picking up K6YO tomorrow (when it comes available), but I decided it wasn't "me" enough. So have at it, fediverse.

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Our friend Chris finally did a write-up of his 16 core Z80 alternate future cyberdeck, and it is absolutely beyond bonkers:

@W9SMG And no. Dog had nothing to do with said antenna failure. I'm just rough on my travel radio. It's why it's such a cheap unit to begin with.

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Stock antenna on my travel HT basically disintegrated, so I picked up a diamond SRJF10. It's so *cute*!


Greeting Fedihams. I'm your newest mastodon.radio addition.

Everything about me is already in my bio, but as a quick recap, I'm primarily an Open Source Software developer. I'm a sort-of-newish ham. I had my tech no-code back in the 90s, let it lapse, spent a few years helping to build the internet, decided that was a horrible mistake, and got my ticket back a couple years ago straight up to Extra because without that CW requirement... why not?


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