Has anyone started a site/database to track electronic components within commercial products? I think this idea has been mentioned before, I'm definitely not taking credit.

Like you need chip "abc" but can't buy it new or get it today, you can look it up and then go find/scrounge/buy a used toaster or whatever that has the chip.

Like an auto-parts junkyard database for electronics.

(just dipping in quick because it's a day off reading social media)

This looks interesting:

I would hate for people to buy kits just for parts availability, but kits and published designs/schematics do provide an entry point for crowdsourcing this type of information.

@W1CDN Probably Russian military, there are reports of scavenging household appliances for chips to reuse in weapons.

@W1CDN good idea, I wonder how we could get the manufacturers to list components or create a crowd sourced database perhaps

@G1LRO my thoughts always go to crowdsourcing, but that's a lot of work to get a critical mass. There must be some databases that can be leveraged, somehow.

This intersects with right-to-repair interests, so maybe that's a starting point (again, if it doesn't exist yet).

@W1CDN haven't seen anything like this but it's an amazing idea for everything from chips to sensors to wires. I hope you find it and I'll gladly join you in looking.

I'd also love a "what the heck is this thing" forum. I have scavenged so many husks of electronic equipment from skips and dumps through the years but can only guess at what some bits of them do.

@ephemeral I'd like that too! I don't want to push anyone to reddit, but they seem to have a history of subreddits like that (e. g., this post ).

It would fit into this overall scavenging database, though.

@W1CDN exists, but it's only for components on motherboards – and then, only if Linux mainline drivers exist for it. (Nothing close to what you want, but Cunningham's Law.)

@wizzwizz4 that's not nothing, though! I see several links of interest there. What goes for computer parts goes for parts of those parts, and combinations of those parts. It's turtles all the way in both directions.

@W1CDN **rips apart toaster to look for BS170 transistors**

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