How do I access the talk group? All my DMR experience has been with radios that were pre programmed.

It's a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning here in SE Michigan and at 09:38 EDT it is a chilly 36 degrees Farenheit. I also apparently need coffee...

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I want to run a distributed film night for some friends, the kind where we all watch the same film at the same time but in different places.

I'm sure there is a proper name for this.

And I'm sure I've seen other groups on the fediverse do it.

Are there any tips?
Is there a specific platform for it that works great, or do we all just "get the dvd" and chat using the same platforms as usual?

I think if done right this could be a really useful technique to keep social bonds during isolation.

I am also credentialed as a VE to assist with administering exams to beginning hams. As a General I can only assist with Technician exams but I will eventually upgrade to Extra. After a career in mainframe & other computers I have found transferable skills in packet radio - many of the protocols in packet were developed in early data communications between computers. That was an unexpected thing for me. I thought that all of that would be outmoded by now- just goes to show you.

I am always looking for something new to discover in radio. I got started in DMR with an RD-5R and a MMDVM hotspot last summer, and I upgraded to a CS800 a couple of months ago and the learning opportunities keep me busy in my retirement. In fact, I am still learning - and relearning in the case of CW; I never transmitted in Morse, just transcribed it and haven't used it in 40+years, so I am working on recognition of characters and how to key. I always have something to work on.

My interest in amateur radio began when I was a boy in the 1960's. I started with a crystal radio rocket my dad brought home and I listened to AM broadcasts with that thing from Mexico to Chicago from my house in Enid, OK. Later I enlisted in the Army in 1972 and was trained as a Morse intercept operator in the Army Security Agency. I later became interested in SWL and did that for a long time until SW broadcasters went off the air. Then I discovered amateur radio in 2017.

Local to Ann Arbor, MI? Our 440 MHz Repeater: 443.50MHz with a +5MHz offset and a PL of 100Hz (when needed) is now a DMR repeater with a local channel and the MI TG (#3126) on timeslot 1 and some national channels on timeslot 2.

Please drop in on Thursday evening and join our little group. We are always interested in QSOs from anywhere and everywhere.

You will know you are at the right place when you hear, "This is Steve, W8SFC, and the Thursday night Arrow DMR Net..." .

Hello Mastodonians! I am here because Ed W8EMV brought you to my attention last Thursday night during our DMR net. I do the net control duties on our DMR repeater on MI TG 3126 every Thursday evening at 20:00 eastern time, USA, and would love to have you check in with us during the net. Everyone is welcome and we'd like to find out how things are going for you wherever you are. We talk about DMR radio and other amateur radio subjects but we discuss just about anything, so come by for a visit!


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