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:radio_base: Good propagation forecasts this evening on 30m band in Europe.

I will try to be QRV in ( or ) near 10.143MHz

Rendez-Vous at 19:00z

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First impressions are everything!

We're redesigning instance landing pages, some highlights include:

✨ Modern design
⚡ Feature overview
✨ Customizable text fields
⚡ About page w/ custom html
✨ Improved Onboarding
⚡ Clearer instance rules

We want your feedback, admins please let us know what you want or would like to see!

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed

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Check out the "Altaid 8800" - a palm sized Altair 8800 clone based on a *real* 8800 processor (no Arduino / Pi etc.) created by Lee A. Hart - Read all about it here:

#altaid8800 #altair8800 #8800

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:boost_ok: :ablobcatwave: Please boost this post if you would like the EFF to join the fediverse. :ablobcatbongo:

In a survey the EFF sent me, I suggested they create an account on the fediverse, so they can reach more supporters and support innovative free software that promotes interoperability among platforms, something they've advocated for in the past, too.

If you can boost this post, maybe I'll be able to show them that there are quite a few users who would like them here!

The EFF is the infamous nonprofit organisation that fights for privacy, government transparency, and digital freedom. Their fight is very important, and the EFF is very special to me.

You can see some of their work here

In the meantime, you can follow @eff, which is an unofficial mirror of their Twitter.

Testing some here.

I got two T-BEAM 868, which I originally bought for Meshtastic.

Now I re-flased them with Peter OE5BPA software.

It works like a charm. Find my -10 (iGate) and -5 (tracker) on

I guess I have to buy some T-BEAMs for 70 cm now. :)

Ping @kb1gim @sp6mr

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I'm packing for overnight ham radio . Tomorrow we'll land on EU-184 and hopefully OHFF-0970.

I hope at least 24 hours on site. WX forecast shows wet snow, 17 m/s gusts of wind and below freezing temperatures ❄️ ☃️

If we get there I'll be on air using callsign OH8HUB/P or OF8HUB/P.

Modes are and , maybe . If laptop runs out of battery and I'll go old school with voice and paper log. I might also check my Winlink email (address to use is OH8HUB).

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On October 30th, I turn 42 (meaning of life, yay!) I wish for nothing special, but I would love to get postcards from all over the world! 😀
My adress is
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvägen 4B (apartment number 1001)
90740 Umeå

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Fun #hamradio story time: back in 2015, I was applying for jobs and applied to a satcube company. They gave a take home assignment of a "five page informative report on whatever subject you like." I wrote up a manual for the UW ham club's old Kenwood:

But I failed their screen :(

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I'll start, here are some ideas I've proposed to @G5BK committee:

* Arrange for new visitors and members to be met by someone safe and brought into the meeting or event. Do the same for leaving meetings and events.
* Stop using XYL and use Partner
* Stop using OM
* Promote data and other non-voice modes (much more equal for people with non-male voices)
* Call out and request people stop when we see them send "racy images" over SSTV or hear them making sexist comments

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If you haven't tried SDRangel software for your SDR RX (or TRX). Try it now!

It is the first SDR software I've tried that is really good! Low CPU usage and very radio-ish.
Lots of interesting modules like packet, APRS, DMR/dstar/fusion, etc.
Wide support for SDR hardware.

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Does someone know a good working Linux FIDOMail Client with a (G)UI (can also be ncurse)

#fido #bbs #linux

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We are present in the Fediverse for all sorts of reasons.

We typically know each other through our posts because, mostly, we are not acquainted in any other way.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to say. We try our best...with help from our community moderators so we ADD to conversation and not cause one another harm.

This is the way of the Fediverse.

Thanks to all who interact with me, "here".

A bit proud of this :)
Antarctica on 30m WSPR with my QCX+

10 meter is booming today. Nice to see the sun is waking up.

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