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Does someone know a good working Linux FIDOMail Client with a (G)UI (can also be ncurse)

#fido #bbs #linux

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We are present in the Fediverse for all sorts of reasons.

We typically know each other through our posts because, mostly, we are not acquainted in any other way.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to say. We try our best...with help from our community moderators so we ADD to conversation and not cause one another harm.

This is the way of the Fediverse.

Thanks to all who interact with me, "here".

A bit proud of this :)
Antarctica on 30m WSPR with my QCX+

10 meter is booming today. Nice to see the sun is waking up.

Good results from first try with my new QRP Labs QCX+ in WSPR beacon mode on 30 m.

The GPS-option is not ready yet, so time and LOC are manually stored.

Thanks to great work by TheHighNibble the VT132 terminal kit now supports swedish keyboard and character set. (Also IT, DE and FR)
The VT132 works perfectly with my and my other SBC's.

Yet another one is alive.
Very nice and fun kit to build. Tnx @qrplabs for great work.
Now I just have to order the mini-version.

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@M0YNG if you like to chat, as you do on JS8, you should try BPSK31 or BPSK63 with fldigi.


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