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ADHD is great. I lost my headphones, right? And after many days of searching, I gave up and bought some new ones.

Wanna guess what happened to my new headphones?

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Got an old school 8087 so now I can do floating point operations in MSDOS on my

Still disappointed that this PC Transporter doesn't have the rad gold ICs

I have installed the PC Transporter 👀

Still.havebt gotten it to start up yet but I think that's partially because I don't have a drive connected to it and the IIGS is misconfigured

I have acquired a PC Transporter from eBay

Like new condition and it appears to have the full compliment of RAM

Going nuts trying to figure out why I can't hit K7FDF from my apartment even though I can hear it crystal clear and have only a couple trees and open air between me and it.

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Going to move this account over to N7AJ and maybe use it some more

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If someone would set up a static web page that read "LotW is down", that static page's probability to be right would be way better than chance.


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