30 in the log by the end of the day- couldn't have asked for better weather down the beach.
5w is more than enough!

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Hoping for some better weather on Saturday for portable op on 40m down at the beach.

I use a knee brace on my right- which has actually worked wonders. It was all about my gait when moving- a weird arc or swing that i would do with the lower part of my leg from the knee- Unnoticeable to me until i started dragging my chubby arse on runs.

Daft SX335T award complete. I do like a daft award. Sucker for a certificate too!

A wee bash about the bands this evening but now time for tea and telly.

S79VU on 18.127mhz- Good sigs into Europe. In with first call with 100w and a vert.

Howdy- the very same wgoodf from twitter. So the same idiocy and general lack of competence.


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