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I am a Ham operator in Houston, Tx. Currently do a little H/T on VHF/UHF in the cars. DMR a little. Jus got an HF rig and am getting it set up for FT8. Any tips and tricks you have, let me know. Thanks.

I work with districts in Washington State. I'm a sailor, lover of , and user of .

I’m Jeff KE8VDB. I’m a new ham from SE Michigan. I got my license in May and General in June
I’ve been a MW DX’er since High School (70’s) but never considered amateur radio because I had no interest in learning CW.
I got a Tecsun PL 330 for Christmas and have been listening to shortwave. That rekindled my interest in radio
I am interested in . I’m an avid hiker and backpacker so .
I’ll eventually get into digital modes but for now I just want to get on the air

- Hi there! I’m happy to join this community. I’m based in France, within Paris or time to time Lyon.

I am keen on with a Yeasu FT-891. Mainly in and , but currently learning (lot of work 😅). Operating from Paris is hard, so I work mostly in and I try to !

In the meantime I work as a software engineer coding in and . I code as a hobby a server and l do electronics from ham: CW keyer, LORA, etc…

73, Noël

If you use radios, what is your experience?

My initial (2018) hope was "cheap, digital, global", but my experience has been somewhat disappointing, mostly because of just how clumsy it is to tune to a new channel without the round trip of "updating a code plug".

On the other hand my Radioddity GD-77 HT (UHF/VHF DMR/FM) is my best HT for old-fashioned FM repeaters, easily beating out my Baofengs for sound and signal quality in A/B testing.

(Motivated by Phil KA9Q discussion on bird site).

- Hello all, a much-belated message to the group. I'm located in the Seattle WA area.
I'm interested in modes, building stuff, , propogation & . Newly involved in and learning .

Question about contests.
When there is a contest taking place, how do you know what the contest is?

I'm asking this as I occasionally have a spare hour and would like to participate but need to know the rules and where to submit a log.

Can I assume that on HF there is only ever one contest, taking place at any one time, and all I need to do is look at a website that lists contests?

# introductions Learning how this works, all Smitty's fault and HRWB. Intrests, Thunting, SOAR, VHF, UHF antenna building. TaeKwondo Instructor. Learning about POTA, relearning CW. Back after 20 years of little operation. Used to do a lot of packet radio. Let me know what I mess up so I can get better.

Wow! I've not felt so popular on social media since...well, forever, I think. 🤣 TNX!

Question for the #AmateurRadio portion of the Fedi:

Thought I'd try a hand at Winlink. Is there a particular client anyone here would recommend? What do you like about it?

I have some INA226s monitoring my solar bits, occasionally they just ... stop working? and i have to go unplug the VCC for a moment to reset them.

Well, no longer!
I've hooked a normally closed relay to the VCC line controlled by the pi that does the monitoring.

Now if the code reading the sensors encounters a problem it will toggle the relay on (thus disconnecting the power to the sensors) for 5 seconds.

Hopefully this means I won't ever have to manually poke them!

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