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Fancy equipment isn’t needed to capture the transmissions from the ISS 🛰🌎 During the 1045z pass I used my HT, whip antenna, Android phone running Robot36 SSTV decoder app. Here’s a video of the decode. 👍🏻


I've also deployed an image optimiser so the images are taking up 20Mb LESS now too.

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I just had a "Why not?" moment.

I have my site available over http, , and
Each had their own directory for the content and images.

Why can't they all be in the same place?

Well, they can.
and now they are.

Which means I don't have 44Mb of images in three places, and all the servers are looking at the same directory (so you can view gopher files via http, and html via gemini, if you want)

agate is weird and wants its own directory for certificates and content, so symlink!

Best Fathers Day gift ever. After 30 plus years of learning everything I could about Amateur Radio and the electronics, procedures, weather, antenna theory, etc. that I could I have finally been acknowledged by one of my peers and it is a great day. Paul KO4LMU for taking the time to recommend me for this award. recognition from my peer is always welcome. I will always teach the new guys and learn from them. Thanks Paul

@M0YNG thank you for having me! I have been licensed for a few years, but was off the air due to a change in my QTH and a lack of work life balance. Starting to correct that as I now have a tower/antenna up. There is so much to learn. I am a fan of . I just finished assembling the morserino32 kit to learn , as my Grandfather was a telegraph operator for the railroad’s. Looking forward to learning more and seeing what my fellow server-mates are up to.

Everyone, Please welcome @W5IC !

Please toot an so we can get to know you 😁 add some hashtags too so we know what interests you.

You can find more people in the instance in the directory
(you can opt into this too once you have 10 "friends", and add tags to your profile) and the local timeline.

And this list of radio amateurs on mastodon, may be of interest:

And there are apps!

I'm looking for a simple mobile device :
- bi-band VHF/UHF FM
- about 40 or 50W max
- 1750Hz tone
- shift for repeater
- No DMR,C4FM or whatever digital...
- compatible with CHIRP to program channels easily with Linux.

So it must be in this list :

But this kind of device seems to be inexistent or discontinued 😕
Any idea ?

This is a super fun game. For a relaxing time turn off the music but keep the sound on.

Vector Pinball (Pinball game) -

@bacardi55 I've just tried to install gtl, but had issues 😟

When I run "make dependencies" I get an error that tcell has a malformed module path.

Invalid char ' '

I've never used go before so...

the white bits are microscopic crustaceans of various kinds btw

🎶 the circle of life

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Today I'll be with the Galashiels radio club (GM4YEQ/P) up a hill in IO85MM taking part in the PW 144MHz QRP Contest. Hopefully it won't be too hot this afternoon while we're up there.

Tip: when making up a charging cable for your cheap Chinese radio that didn't come with a plug for your country - don't guess at the polarity of the connector or assume it will have reverse polarity protection.

Does anyone know if you can get stacking dupont cables?
My searches on eBay are failing...

I have multiple i2c devices and I want to connect them all together, and being able to branch, stack, whatever-the-word-is the jumper cables from one to the next would be ideal (I think?)

How do you use your EFHW in field operation for DX ?
Do you try to hang it as vertically as possible ? Or at a preferred angle ?

for or

Do you use it differently for ?

#bashFu to show count of visitors today #gopher #gemini 


echo "Visitors to $(hostname) on $(date +%d/%b/%Y)"

HTTPV=$(grep "\[`date +%d/%b/%Y`" /var/log/nginx/access.log | cut -d" " -f1 | sort | uniq | wc -l)

GOPHERV=$(grep "\[`date +%d/%b/%Y`" /var/log/gopher | cut -d" " -f1 | sort | uniq | wc -l)

GEMINIV=$(grep "`date +'%b %d'`" /var/log/gemini.log | cut -d" " -f11 | sort | uniq | wc -l)

echo "HTTP Gopher Gemini"


Logged into the wrong control panel and issued a reinstall command for the wrong VM.

Luckily it was my personal VM that runs so nothing important but I really should check these things.

Oh well, I'm now running a more up-to-date version of agate.

I wonder...

Adafruit INA260 current and voltage sensor, a raspberry pi pico, a basic display, and I'd have made a multimeter?

Fedi, I need some open source help.

I have a friend who has an elderly relative who keeps getting lost...

They have asked me for recommendations on location tracking.

The relative has a phone, but isn't confident using it so anything needs to Just Work with no interactions.

I know about owntracks and traccar, but my friend doesn't want to run their own server.

What am I missing?

Have had a wiggly exhaust on the car for about a week now, kept thinking I'd need to take it to the garage. Today I actually looked and saw two rubber things had clearly failed. Replacement parts were £2.78 for two from the motor factor (with 60℅ discount because reasons!)

Lifted the silencer with a trolley jack, the old rubber basically fell off. Slipped the new rubber in place, done. Took barely a minute.

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