I need to throw out all of my power only usb cables.

Noting quite like wasting time trying to get something to work when the issue is using a power only micro-usb cable :alex_sob:

@M0YNG HONESTLY power-only cables are so fucked up and evil

@M0YNG those cables are actually great to have as long as you clearly demarcate them so you can tell the difference. i like to use those to plug into unknown usb ports to charge my phone. don't have to worry about malicious behavior.

@dvn I tend to charge a battery pack from unknown ports then charge my phone from the pack later.

Same idea though!

@M0YNG adding environmental sensors to too easy. Here's my living room air quality setup:

@kr4dio I have a few sonoff light switches I've flashed with esphome. Seems like shoving a temperature sensor in there would be an option but I can't find anyone having done it...

@M0YNG It looks like some people remap the rx/tx serial pins to i2c and use that to interface with sensors. Plain esp8266 boards are so cheap, though

@kr4dio they are, but if I've already got one attached to the wall it seems easier and neater to not have another device needing power etc.

@M0YNG oof! that had to be annoying! glad you figured it out!

@M0YNG no clue these even existed. Feels like your computer is gaslighting you

@M0YNG Mark them and save them for when you need s safe charging condom cable in the field !

@M0YNG I ran into the power-only thing this week trying to get my Airspy R2 online. Major pain.

@M0YNG glad to know I’m not alone! Fought the same battle trying to program my adafruit feather for my radio-rocket project.

@M0YNG same. I have been throwing mine in the garbage. Drove me nuts.

@M0YNG Labelling them might also be an option, perhaps? :blobthinking:

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