I'm sometimes slow to approve accounts on because I want to do it right.

* look at pending accounts
* confirm email is confirmed (not visible on approval page!)
* confirm I'm happy with reason
* select for approval
* copy usernames (using snippet in dev console)
* approve
* copy old welcome toot
* paste usernames into welcome toot
* send toot
* find accounts again
* follow the new accounts

But mastodon has an API and a great python library.

Soooo now I can do this

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@M0YNG I'm curious what some of the rejects are. Spam bots? Lost people?

@km8v @k2cr things like (off the top of my head)

* obviously an amateur, but never confirm their email address, even when I contact them directly
* really vague, eg no mention of radio, no callsign, I can't find the requested username elsewhere online, they don't respond to email
* DJ or other "broadcast radio"
* some spam looking stuff

@M0YNG @km8v We get a fair bit of broadcast radio or streamers on /r/amateurradio too. Plus spam, of course.

We reduced the amount we had to deal with by blacklisting anything mentioning music sites: apple music, spotify, etc.

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