People want to browse mastodon over right?


Well it's a good thing that this is just an experiment then.


No guarantee of uptime, speed, quality, etc.

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@santiago @M0YNG pleroma has a gopher feature too! cool to see more gopher servers!

@M0YNG Tnx fer info. Never have heard about gopher before. With elinks access is not possible yet. I 'll try it later. Cheers 73

@F1RUM I did test that! But the wrapping is annoying ...

@M0YNG Gemini protocol support client certificate, so possibility to login maybe

@F1RUM maybe! In theory you could register a client certificate to "log in" too that way. But it wouldn't be permissible over amateur radio 'cos of the encryption. Not that I'm very likely to host the gopher version over radio either...

@F1RUM ax25 on 2m or 70cm would seem an obvious starting point. But I'm pretty sure I'd be the only one using it round here!

This is awesome! AX.25 wrapper? I just about fell off my chair!

Thank you for providing such an awesome space! Far out!

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