@M0YNG @vfrmedia could the batteries be running low? Mine shows my house power on output 0.

I was quite impressed until I saw the sender's somewhat above average antenna system

@M0YNG sounds like fun, if I could find the time then I'd join in but that's easier said than done. What do you have in mind?

@M0YNG indeed, I found that too. I really should get back to my Duolingo studies, I've had it on the back burner for a while now

Anyone interested in trying a psk (doesn't have to be psk) fediverse net on HF at some point?

@M0YNG forums.radioreference.com/thre looks like a relevant thread on the topic suggesting blue loctite, good to know it's a tried and tested method

@M0YNG TIL, obviously I've seen this stuff but never knew what it was. I think perhaps that might be suitable, I imagine the wind vibration is what's causing them to work loose, hopefully it won't drop any more before I get to fixing it

Only a few weeks into the winter weather and my discone has already lost an element to the wind. Access is challenging so going to be a while before I can get it down to fix. All the elements were tightly screwed in though so I'm not sure what more I can do, perhaps add a bit of PTFE tape around the screw thread?

@jeff I did mine through the BBADL course, it's a big course with some bits you will find dry but having a strict schedule to keep up with really helps imho. There's also lots of videos online to go over topics that maybe don't click from the course book, Dave Caslers YouTube series are really good, they are for US extra but there's a big over-lap in content with both being CEPT licenses.

After months sat up on the roof doing nothing, I finally hooked up my HF discone to where I need it and ran some FT8 monitoring tests overnight. Considering propagation is supposed to be garbage, I was very surpirsed how well it performed. Never seen so many contacts over the pond with my previous efforts, just a shame I cannot tx with it too. Receiver was Airspy R2 with Spyverter.

@M0YNG totally naive at this but 21.4 * 21.4 = 457.96 so perhaps this is how the end rx frequency is achieved with some kind of tunning capacitor. I'd guess you'd need to swap the xtal out with something around 20.8MHz to hit the 70cm band

First test of my discone after mounting it outside the loft was a mixed bag. Reception improved all over but 2/70 still absolutely dead, though I can get a reasonable reception of the only local repeater I can reach now so that's something. Next step is to get my transmitting aerial up and put out a call to see what comes back.

@Elodie hopefully you can overcome the setup issues, I know fldigi isn't a best designed interface but it is flexible and once you get it set up the way you want you'll be picking out the faint dx signals as good as anyone.

@Elodie have you tried using digimodes like psk31? It's ideal for hard of hearing hams without having the barriers to entry of CW.

@kr4dio unlike that one, I don't think mine is resonant on any ham bands. Even if I can tune it up it'll probably not be a very good radiator. I might try some day but it wasn't intended for tx anyway.

@kr4dio it's commercial (moonraker.eu/scanking-hf-disco). It is about 6 feet tall. I suspect the top section conceals a coiled up long wire or something but didn't fancy dismantling it before first use to find out. I doubt it is as effective as the full size model but it lets me scan the full range of my Airspy+Spyverter without switching antennas so it's a decent solution.

Test mounted my new HF discone in the loft. Good signals down to the 60khz time signal, VHF/UHF ham bands were dead which is probably about right. Hopefully get this up outside soon but will need a much more robust aerial mast first.

@DC7IA@chaos.social I was probably about 14 before we got even dialup internet so I land in the Xennial demographic of people who grew up offline but we're online as a youth. I worry about my son growing up without that perspective, I think it was a good thing and maybe why I have an easier time than some to just leave my phone behind or . I don't fear a world without as I lived just fine before the Internet

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