Is anyone using a 'simple' RF patch panel for antenna - transceiver connections rather than masses of switches? I have my eye on a 32-way BNC panel I've had gathering dust for 20 years...

So I need a couple of N male to PL259 adapters to quickly check something out. Funny that... it's about the only adapter I DON'T HAVE!

Why do people insist on making a 10 minute YouTube video showing how to fix a thing that really only needs three pictures and a bit of text?

Note to self: when inserting a Fubcube dongle it is the USB end that plugs into the PC - for some strange reason the SMA connector end does not fit into the PC's USB socket...

Just installed pi-hole (basically to stop our Samsung Smart TV from showing ads since the last forced update - thanks Samsung). Surprising just how much crud gets blocked... I knew it would be bad but seeing is something else.

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Well that's just typical. Brand new Xerox colour laser printer all set up but won't manage to print a single page without moaning about a jam. Maybe I need to fill it with jam?

I just noticed the Nagoya whip I got from a reputable trader at the UK hamfest spells ‘flexiable’ for flexible. Now I wonder if it is a fake!

Did anyone get any images from the ISS in today's SSTV event? Nothing heard here in the past three close passes. In the past I'd have received 4 or 6 by now on those same passes.

Well that's just great. The tuning knob on my FT2D just fell apart!

then… I’ve been into radio since I was 6 but was not fully licensed until 2020 - at almost 61. I retired at 58 after 40+ years in tech, IT and legal and that gave me time to finally get licensed. I am mainly into digimodes, particularly these days. I have almost sorted out a Creed 75, so ‘real’ may become a thing for me. Slowly learning Morse… very slowly. I also volunteer at a steam railway in their signal and telegraph dept.


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