Hi folks! By way of the tag, I'm a class ham in the Washington DC area. I work my IC7300 off a MFJ 10-40 and Z100plus tuner. I have some of the absolute worst mic shyness on the planet so I tend to stick to and , though sometimes I venture outside at obscene hours to wave my antenna at the sky and talk through a . I'll be at the ham fest on June 4!

@KO4ERE you might like emcomm-training.org/ as they do drills regularly using packet radio. They even have something called ”Winlink Thursdays."

In case you're not familiar, Winlink is sort of like post apocalyptic email over RF.


@KC1PYT That sounds nice. I am on winlink, and I've been able to toss messages between my winlink account and my other email accounts over HF, but aside from that all I do is grab automated weather forecasts from the catalogue.

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