also, what's a good way of splicing coax cable together? I'm lucky in that they didn't eat the ladder line.. yet...

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So in my introductions I said I work off a MFJ 10-40 EFHW, but I also have one of WA2NAN's G5RV dipoles that get me down into 80m. But I have a recurring problem: squirrels keep chewing through my feedline! Does the ladder line HAVE to be vertical or can it be at somewhat of an angle? If it MUST be vertical I fear I'm never going to get it high enough to be off the ground where it won't be nibbled on.

Hi folks! By way of the tag, I'm a class ham in the Washington DC area. I work my IC7300 off a MFJ 10-40 and Z100plus tuner. I have some of the absolute worst mic shyness on the planet so I tend to stick to and , though sometimes I venture outside at obscene hours to wave my antenna at the sky and talk through a . I'll be at the ham fest on June 4!


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