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Hi everyone,

I've been a licensed ham for a year now, I am currently putting together a short magloop to get qrv on hf.

Thanks for letting me in, 73 !

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Ya know, the ionosphere doesn't collapse under the weight of celebrity tweets.

#hamradio #signal

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Broke the SMA connector in my . While connector arrives, temporary setup (photo). Recalibrated. Known SWR readings are now higher. My dipole used to have a nice 1.2:1 minimum around 14 MHz, now 2.4:1. Does anyone have an explanation?

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Friend of mine just went through almost 20 hours of power outage, really got my "what-if" thoughts flowing about power. I think I'm gonna start putting together a handtruck build like The Tech Prepper

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Does anyone know if I can use this device to measure the resonant frequencies of traps for a dipole? (It says it's an antenna analyzer but it looks funky; however, it is much cheaper than traditional-looking analyzers, and reviews suggest that it works):

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#introductions Hi there! 👋

I decided to join after half a year contemplating switching to FOSS and GNU/Linux - the whole whatsapp controversy finally pushed me!

I'm a complete Linux/GNU newbie and I hope that I can learn the inner workings of it all. - If you have any recommendations for learning resources please let me know! - Right now i'm using Linux Journey and YouTube videos

I am using Pop_OS! - I love it - but hope to move to Arch once I get the fundamentals down 👍

See ya! 😁

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I have commissioned @Atsuko to create a mascot and banner for our instance.

(I'm quite excited by this!)

It would be super if we can help Anna by sharing photos of our shacks.

Please share photos of:
* you in your shack
* just your shack
* you operating a handheld (maybe aiming an aerial?)
(doesn't have to be you, but obviously with permission!)

Plus, I get to see your shacks!

Contributions are welcome, but not required (good art costs)

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A bit proud of this :)
Antarctica on 30m WSPR with my QCX+

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Has anyone ever made an EH antenna? (Or any other experimental antenna for that matter?) How well did it work? Would you recommend it?

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I've found a very complete document entitled "Zen and the Art of radiotelegraphy"

It is very instructive especially on the abbreviations used in . Some are common with .

Is there a simpler document explaining how to do in digimode (MFSK, Olivia and so on) ? I am a bit lost listening this kind of qso mixing phone and cw practices.

Thanks for your help

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Lots of folks are maintaining a thin shell of calm over a warm gooey center of freaking the hell out. It's coming out in weird, tangential ways. Folks getting mad over irrelevancies and minutiae.

Empty your lungs. Breathe in. Be patient with your friends. We need each other.

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Hello, I‘m 46 years old and a ham radio enthusiast since 1999. I used to make homemade and equipment, love and . Today I mostly work with stealth equipment or portable.

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Hate pizza stores that use postcode for delivery, we fall outside all the postcode delivery locations for every pizza shop I know online, but they all deliver if you ring.


But I can't browse the menu online unless I select a store that will deliver!

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