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Also, I worry about climate change, in addition to social disasters like Snowden describes. But the silver lining is that these problems solve each other: If we all die from an ecological disaster, we no longer need to worry about the CIA and NSA. And conversely, if life becomes a dystopian panopticon, we can let climate change destabilize it beyond maintainability!

You all are really making me want to brush up on my German, haha. Took Intermediate German in college but I've been out of practice for a while so I'm sure my communication skills are sluggish.

Found out today about the Cricket40 []: seems like a great little qrp CW radio. Would this only need an antenna attached to work? I was also thinking about making a radio by using a raspberry pi and adding RPITX (transmitter) and RTL-SDR (receiver), but wouldn't that also need a band filter as well as an antenna to work effectively? Which would you suggest/create for yourself?

I also learned a little about FT8 when it was pretty new but haven't done anything with it myself just yet

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Hi, I'm KN4LIA. I've had my license for almost two years now, but I've basically done nothing with it except for helping out at a bike race once. I'd like to get more involved in QRP CW and also making mesh networks. I don't have a lot of money to spend on equipment, so I'm quite interested in low-cost kits and making stealth antennas. thanks for reading my !


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