Hey everyone. I got my license in 2017 and never actually did anything until the pandemic hit this year; I decided to buy an HF radio and had time to install a proper antenna.

I am a enthusiast, but by no means an expert. My radio computer is an old Lenovo X230 flashed with SeaBIOS and running . I'm excited to talk with other non-techniphobic hams.

I'm most interested in modes via . I plan to get into and , but haven't finished a good mobile setup yet.



Shout out to SeaBIOS and coreboot teams!

Yeah! I'm happy with it. It boots quickly and easily neutralized the IME. I actually used SeaBios as an intermediary to get Heads on a different computer.

@KN4BKO very glad to meet you on this masto instance. Welcome here 🤗

@KN4BKO Welcome! Yet another GNU/Linux user and a radio amateur here (HF, CW, FT8..) and also happened to have an x230!

A used X230 is an incredible value for the price these days. It is perfect (if not a little bit overkills) as a dedicated radio computer.

Welcome to mastodoradio Kyle. Hamradio & Linux enthusiast, nice to hear! Do you know that there are also nice Linux ham radio distros?

73 from the Netherlands.

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