Is there a way to measure SWR without an SWR meter?

I mean, I can buy one. I just don't feel like it rn.

The line "After this operation, XX.X kB of additional disk space will be used." is such a throwback at this point. A relic of common problems from the distant past, when people would actually have to *check* how much disk space they had to see if they could afford to perform these upgrades.

Those lengths in metric should be 1.25 Meters, 17.5 CM, and 50 CM

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Without having resolved the problem of *how* to run coax into my house, I have bought copper pipe and fittings to build a J-pole antenna.

However, I would like this antenna to resemble the Arrow dual-band antenna. for 2M and 70CM.

So, it would theoretically have the same dimensions as the Arrow antenna. ~58.5", ~6.5", and 1~19.5" for the elements and however far apart they need to be spaced, just with copper pipe and joints rather than aluminum angle.

Would this work?

Failed to pull an image from the , but we did see it fly over which was very cool.

has a built-in "AFSK1200 decoder" so you can read AX.25 packets directly from an .

Here are some local packets!

I failed to pull images from the as it flew over last night. I was listening on an with an indoor antenna. I'll try on the mobile rig tonight.

BTW the Android app Robot32 seems to make it really easy. All you gotta do is put your device next to the speaker and it listens to the code to turn it into images like an old dial-up modem.

Hello, all. I live in . I'm interested in . I have a couple of 5 watt HTs and a 25 watt QYT KT8900D mobile rig in the car.

I'm also interested in , , , , and a bunch of other stuff.


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