Ok. Back to learning CW. 20 wpm. Koch method. Trying to squeeze in 1 hour a day.

Long shot here, but are there any X-6100 users out there who can use a USB C to USB C cable successfully?

I can get the stock A to C cable to work with my Surface with an adapter but a KNOWN GOOD C to C DATA CABLE is not getting so far as to detect the device.

What magic is this and how do I defeat it?


How do I make Windows 11 forget my X-6100? It decided yesterday to assign it the wrong driver and device type. Tried device manager with no luck.

Any way to purge it? I’m not afraid to push my luck.

Any X-6100 owners out there? I'm curious about the WiFi feature.

What... What does it... Do?

Fun fact for me: my activation today was running 2.5 watts because I was in a hurry.


Is there a list of good calling frequencies for POTA? Or does everyone use the QRP calling frequencies? Still learning!

Went camping and did some portable operating. Finally got my Winlink field mojo together. Also used my Hardrock-50 in the field. Love that thing.

tech grumbling 

I’ll say it again: ham radio might force me to keep a Windows box around but I will NEVER, EVER join Facebook. It’s never gonna happen.

Insert frustrated sigh here.

That feeling when your park activation crossed the 0000z mark and you didn’t notice until after you submitted the log and you went QRT at 13 contacts because you wanted to eat dinner.

K-1543! We WILL meet again!

Ya know when you're having kind of a bummer day and then you get an email saying your POTA logs were processed and you get a little lift out of that?

That's what hobbies are for!

Back from a week off the grid. 4 POTA activations! Ready to go back…

Gonna be camping in Michigan this week. 3 different POTA entities. FT8 or SSB on any band that will have me. May or may not be able to spot.

Putting together my gear for a family vacation in the camper in the U.P. of MI.

Gonna get some serious POTA in while my family is either patient or sleeping.

Exciting stuff!

Anybody know why the TX-500 disappeared from HRO? Seems the only way to get one is through the maker’s site in the strangest way.

Not that I need it. Just curious mostly.

Did not start the QDX kit, but I did have a great time camping with my family. Got a few contacts from the field.

Monday might be when I start my QDX kit.

We’re camping this weekend so I’ll be on the air for sure!

Plenty of radio coming…

On the mend and thinking about antenna configurations for this weekend.

OK. I think I migrated my account. Can anyone see this?


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