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Was really looking forward to Hamvention.

Stupid COVID.

I’m gonna be fine, but man the timing sucks!

Activated K-1987 today. Only 14 contacts on FT8, but I didn’t have a lot of time. Just glad I got outside after yesterday’s failure.

Trying to get out and activate a park before noon today. Fingers crossed.

Huge day today! Picked up our camper aka The Vacation Home AND my QDX kit arrived. Better than my birthday!!!

Gonna head out tomorrow morning for a club POTA activation. Should be fun!

Activated another park yesterday! K-0020 is in the log. I’m really enjoying POTA.

Got my first park activation today! Pretty stoked!

I’ve got Winlink and VARA HF working on both my home station and my portable setup. Getting things straight with the IC-705 and my tablet was far more exciting than it should have been. But I made two successful tests. I call it a win.

I’m sorry, but 25 WPM CW is noise. No signal. Just noise.

This toot brought to you by the Koch method and bourbon.

Scouted a couple of nature preserves for POTA activations. Two are bike trips (when it isn’t below freezing). Pretty excited.

Doing some antenna experiments in the yard today. Let’s see what we can see.

Picked up an ICOM VS-3 for use with my IC-705 and it’s really great for enjoying a net from the living room.

Looking forward to the weekend and some time to test and button up (hopefully) my Hardrock50 project.

Real talk: radio is an amazing hobby. Very relaxing.

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