So I just loaded up the 1.20 firmware for my IC-705.

Guess that means I need to spend the weekend playing with all of the cool new settings and features, right? I mean...that's a requirement.

But seriously... First time I've ever updated firmware and lost settings. And I was stunned at how easily they were restored from the backup it forced me to make before installing.

It's just neat when tech works, ya know?

I will say it out loud: I'm glad I got my TH-D74A when I did. Hearing that they had to cancel the product due to a manufacturer's misfortune is a huge bummer. It's a great HT with tons of features.

And yes, I did order that extra battery I've been meaning to get from DXE. This was the little push I needed, I guess.

I like how I move back to Ohio (March 2020) and Hamvention is cancelled 2 years back to back.


2022! Here we come!

Ya know what?

Ham Radio is the first thing in decades to provoke a pure joy unlike anything I've felt since childhood.

At some point, I will unpack that statement at length. But there it is.

Any JS8Call gurus out there? I’m looking for resources and want to give it a try.

Just worked HI for the first time in the FT8 Round up. I have WAS!

My family seems pleased for me. Ha!

Love my hobby until Windows gets involved. Device drivers still act like this is 1995.


On the D-Star picture net tonight. This could be useful in some scenario...

But ya know, it’s ham radio so, ya know, it’s mostly just fun. And I like fun.

I'm officially into "Pushing My Luck" territory.

WSJT-X on a Raspberry Pi Zero.

That's the new project. That little guy runs forever on the powerbank I have. And if I can get it to talk with the IC-705, then the whole of my "Things Outside The Backpack" will be something for VNC and the 705 itself.

Why am I doing this?

Winter is setting in. Lockdown 2.0 is looming. I need things to do.

Hobbies, right?

The more I play with configurations, I think that the primary computer for field operating will be the WinBook running Mint. But I'm going to make sure that the Pi is ready as it does hook up nicely to a battery bank and could act as an excellent reserve option for off-grid operation assuming I have something that can do VNC handy.

It's good to have options.

And as soon as I got my Raspberry Pi where I wanted it to be, the stupid WinBook I dumped Mint on goes back to behaving as expected and makes field operation 1000x easier.



It works.

I have so much respect for people who can sit down and produce something like this. Just incredible.

There's a picture net on D-STAR REF072D on Wednesday at 0230 UTC. I set up my 705 last night and woke up to pictures this morning.

That's kinda fun!

Does OH8STN know that this place exists? Dang but it'd be cool if he did.

Love those videos.

Just unboxed my MAT-705.

I'll start by saying it works. It tuned up my attic dipole quickly and I was able to get good SWR from the rig and signal reports that match what I was getting with another tuner.


It showed up with a dead battery and the wrong size (or pre-stripped) allen wrench. That does not fill me with a sense of joy in this purchase nor does it speak positively for the quality of the product.

I'm gonna shake it down. Stay tuned.



Also, I gotta say, Ham Radio is the ultimate in personal opinion gone wild. With so many permutations of setups it's impossible to compare apples to apples.

And by definition Ham Radio is all about compromise. So what I optimize for isn't what you optimize for. And that's awesome! But damn it makes for a wild ride on any of the mailing lists or forums. The answer to most questions is, "I dunno... Go try it!"

Which is cool. And also very hostile to new people.

Deep Thoughts today, gang.

Working really hard to pick nits with the IC-705...

I do think that Windows-only programming software is nonsense in 2020. Just utter insanity. And it's not even GOOD software. It's like somebody got the 1998 edition of "Learn Visual C++ in 24 Hours" and built an application.

Yeah... I'm stretching here...

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