After grabbing ISS SSTV images a couple weeks ago so I started looking at weather satellites on to see if I could pick up those signals. I noticed that NOAA 15 would be passing over this AM, so I grabbed my scanner and my RTL-SDR (and held a short 2m antenna to it since I don't have a connector). I can't access 1.7GHz but both of these can tune to 137.62 MHz. I was able to hear signal with RTL-SDR set to "Raw IQ" but not sure how to set that on the scanner. What to use to decode?

@K3LTC If I remember correctly there is a Software called atpdecode (mis-spelled apt)
I used gqrx to record sound (make sure to get settings right, there is a special apt option somewhere to capture needed sound spectrum, filter width is about 40k (set with Ctrl+wheel))

@dadosch You got me pointed in the right direction. After your hint about APT I soon found noaa-apt which I think I will try first:

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