Until 2017,our broadband download speed was approximately 2Mbps.

It the increased to approximately 24Mbps.

Today fibre was being pulled through ducts that will give us approximately 1Gbps.

I'd prefer to put up an HF beam.

Howdy, All! Thomas (K4SWL) here--completely new to Mastadon. I love everything radio, but especially field radio (POTA, SOTA, WWFF) and QRP.

Just noticed that when I first received my license, in 1987, 17m antennas were limited to horizontal polarisation.

Had a lovely QRP (6W) SSB QSO with IU3OXX, Luigi.
Radio blows my mind.

I have also accepted various free stuff from others, including a shelf in my shack and an aluminium mast. Nice.

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Today I have given away 4 PCs released from a local business, after taking out the hard drives. I gave them away via the wonderful trashnothing.com/beta/
There's something rewarding about giving kit to people knowing that it's not going to fill a hole in the ground.

@M0YNG I have a Mastodon question. I would like to DM a member but my first DM appeared on my timeline so I'm nervous about using it. Is there a way to private DM another member??

I stumbled upon the first round of the 2022 YOTA contest, a couple of weeks ago, and spontaneously participated in my first contest.

The results are out, and I was placed 95 out of 152 in the single op 3 band category. I guess this is not too bad for a first contest and for only operating for the last hour.

To convert my ADIF log, in Log4OM, to be in the Cabrillo format I bounced it via Winlog32. It exported with some details missing from the header but a quick manipulation in Notepad fixed it.
I'm quite impressed with the Cabrillo format, but can't help but think that XML would be a better file format for contest log submissions.
Will I take part in another contest? I think I probably will.

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I took part in my first contest yesterday, having stumbled across lots of exchanges. Wow, I didn't realise how fun/addictive/challenging it would be. Now I need to upload my logs, not because I stand any chance of winning, but to validate the entries of other competitors.

As a recent returner to , I am loving the monthly competition Italy is running. 4 me it has the thrill of a contest without needing to ignore the family.


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