Decided to bite the bullet and order a couple of Hamstick type antennas for the car. Had great success with these in the past. Looking forward to /m

@KC1PYT My understanding is that it removed Google server callbacks rather than replacing them with MicroG which makes it less functional than "Lineage OS with MicroG" or "eOS from the /e/ Foundation". Lineage OS is based on newer version of android than eOS, so for me Lineage with MicroG is the best way to go.

Lineage OS, even with MicroG still uses Google's DNS within apps. eOS allows you to bypass that and set your own.

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Been working to improve my online privacy. Next step is using phone that doesn't call back to Google's servers and doesn't track my location. This means Android Lineage OS with MicroG or eOS from the E Foundation.

@M0YNG I worked in climate change campaigning for seven years. I have heard this kind of statement many times. Read it carefully...

@e_mydata Fairfone 4? It has been out for a while now and is a big step forward.

Nothing to add...
"The privacy focused /e/OS variant of Android was observed to transmit essentially no data"

Find out more about the in-depth analysis of the data collected by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme and others by #tcddublin #EdinburghUni

@F1RUM I have an Alinco DX70. It's heavy, and so is the battery. The TX500 is to replace it.

@andreas Yes, I used that to send data by replacing the cassette player with a 2m FM transceiver.

My current station. Nothing fancy. I also have two portable HF transceivers.

My first HF station from 1983. GEC BRT400D RX and Heathkit DX40 TX.

DE GM4SVM. Name Gordon, QTH Edinburgh. I wrote an article earlier this year for the Radio Amateur Oldtimers Association magazine about how I got started in . Here is a link to it

@W8HF Thanks Steve. Here is an article I wrote for the Radio Amateur Oldtimers Association earlier this year:


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