As we are not allowed to get out and about to activate Summits, or Parks, or Museums, or Churches & Chapels or whatever, it’s been suggest that we could activate our gardens, so “Gardens-on-the-Air” (GOTA) has been born.

Look out for CARA members on GB3CG or 145.400MHz or 50.220MHz, on HF 28.450MHz or may even on 1.930MHz

Activate your garden using portable, mobile, or handheld equipment from 10.30am onwards today.

Or just see how many gardens you can work!

Meeting currently taking place on GB3CG should anyone wish to join us!

This month's meeting will be on the air

Thursday 19th 20:00hrs onwards

Try one of:

GB3CG Repeater
145.400MHz  FM

Or for those who don't have access to 2m:

28.450MHz USB
3675MHZ (or thereabouts) LSB

Appoint a net controller who will ensure that everyone gets a turn. 

As there may well be newcomers, please introduce yourself by first name.

Also these nets may be a good opportunity to offer help to members who are self-isolating or to ask to help.

Good luck and have fun.

Tonight at @G5BK I auctioned a cisco SPA 525G2 voip phone for use on the

The winner was picked using pythons and ladders

And we raised £22 for solar-aid!

Following the success of the 10am Christmas Day it's been suggested that we should try a New Year's Day Net.

So let's gather at 10am on 145.400MHz (look up or down 25kHz if that channel is busy).

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