January 2019 Meeting
Michael G3PCL has kindly agreed to tell us about Baluns, devices which connect unbalanced coax to a balanced antenna. Different types of Baluns are discussed together with circuit diagrams and constructional details. Suggestions are made as to which Balun type to use with a particular balanced / unbalanced antenna. There will be lists of suitable components to use to make your own Balun and several home made Baluns wi

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Foundation Course
The foundation course on 19th / 20th January is now full.   

For further information please email Barry at training@g5bk.uk

We hope you had a good 2018, and wish you all the best for 2019!

73, and good DX, from the CARA committee

Hey! Starting using Mastodon yesterday. Just learned about it and the term fediverse when I upgraded to 15.

I like the hands-on aspect of ham radio and have made most of my antennas. Currently my focus has been on building and modding a . Mostly I work the digital modes, partially because I have a terrible case of mic-fright I've yet to overcome. 😞

Two other interests are collecting spinning tops and making cocktails. They do go together, don't they?

Christmas Lunch
There were 17 of us the CARA Christmas Lunch on 18th December, and a good time was had.  We enjoyed a three course meal accompanied but much lively chat.  Here are a few photos.

                                                   l-r Barry M0HFY   Tony G3YYH   Peter G4ENA   Ken G3LVP

                                      Some of the ladies.  l-r G3LVP/2   G3TEV/"   G4E

Tonight is the CARA AGM, so we'll be looking back at the year, selecting a new committee for the next year, and having some nibbles.

To be honest, not a meeting worth live tooting!

This Thursday our meeting will be a Skills Evening - tables will be set up around the room with the following demonstrations:

DX QSLing – Tony G3SNN

American Radio History website – Peter G3YJE

Looking at the output of a Tuna-Tin QRP tx – Peter G3YJE

Making off BNC and N type connectors – Ken G3LVP and Giles G0NXA

FT8 – Barry M0HFY

Linux and some apps – Mike G4GUG

Tim is now forcing people to use his handheld radio android phone thing.
Having a PTT makes it much more radio like.
Question about the "aerial", which may or may not be doing anything other than looking like a radio, or maybe improving WiFi / cell signal.

Live demo of network radio channel 5 on zello with G1YPQ, AND a break station wanting to join. Audio quality is noticeably very good.

Question about why it's simplex, by design! Otherwise it's just a phone.

Zello "network radio channels" are moderated, require approval, generally follow amateur radio procedure. Even used for training! It's another way to whet the appetite for unlicensed but interested people.

Hardware? Just use your phone! Specific "radio style" devices available too.

Huge variety of things on zello, including maritime. Live demo of zello using the Southern Irish repeater group was successful, using an old castoff android phone.
There is a Cheltenham Amateur Radio group 😁

Tim is making the argument that "real radio" is very personal, just like music.

Starting with a mention of echolink, connects repeaters and can be accessed from the pc or your phone too. RF still very much involved.

International Radio Network now, uses teamspeak to connect with RF (requires license) and non-RF (for anyone) which can be a great introduction to the hobby.

Zello. Various users and uses, from the noble to the questionable. Some RF links, eg to Southern Ireland repeaters. Active!

Meeting being started by @G3YYH, 5 visitors tonight!
"an evening of UnReal radio" will be semi live tooted here...

Tim G4VXE will be speaking at tonight's meeting.
He'll be telling us about Network Radio, how it works, what equipment is needed and how it's used. He may, if time permits, also talk about Digital Voice radio.
Internet Radio is a somewhat controversial subject among radio amateurs, some feeling that it's not true amateur radio and it "shouldn't be allowed", others that it's something new and exciting and may well be a useful facility for encouraging new recruits into our hobby.
Let's learn more!

We've got a busy week!
Club meeting Thursday 20th - UnReal Radio by Tim G4VXE
Fun field day/weekend starting 21st until 23rd

Members, visitors, friends and family, welcome to all!
There will be a bbq on Saturday and beer, plus plenty of space to set up your own radio.

CARA members, look out for the September issue of CARA news appearing in your inbox tomorrow morning!

I am very pleased to announce that the Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association @G5BK have agreed to help fund this instance!
Thanks very much for supporting the radio community.

CARA meeting last Thursday was great.
Excellent talk by Tony G3YYH on the history and his restoration os a WS19 Set. Very interesting, informative and entertaining. Well above average attendance.


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