I still live in hope of finding some Hell mode activity on 60 metres someday, somewhere!

I had a curious conversation on 60m this evening on Olivia mode about the issues of RF interference with smart toilets!
On ham radio all human life is there!!

I've never tried RTTY contesting before, but had a go in the Italian contest this evening.
Quite successful, but there must be an easier way than how I'm doing it on FLdigi

Hi - great interface, but is there any way of toggling the dark mode?

Has anyone come across any Hell mode activity on 60m in Europe?

Hi All - I'm Mike from Leicestershire (but you've already looked me up on QRZ.com).
I've been licenced since 1983 (as G6NMP) and went QRT when I moved here 35 years ago. My zombie callsign was resurrected in lockdown - I discovered FT8 - which with a modest suburban garden and a bit of wet string is magic.
Amateur radio is an interest, it's not my life. I'm busy with many things - cycling, sketching, travelling, old cameras, you name it!


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