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Nouvel article de blog en ligne où j'expose ma technique personnelle pour trouver les courroies de remplacement lors de mes réparations
Bonne lecture ! :)

Today is shopping day, i love shopping day !! haaannn !! 😍😜

The test was awesome !!
The tracker work good but some mod was needed, the comment was not sended every time, random caracter popup in the frame and delete the comment in aprs.fi
I'm in "2 fingers" to finish this tracker, he is amazing, try to find a box and put a GX16 8 Pins Male, i have already made a cable with GX16 8 Pins Female and Mini Din 6 Pins Male "Data" connector for every TRX with Data Input !!

Today is the days of testing my tracker, it work good in static no probleme at all but let see what happens when i moving… 🧐

When there's a good mood, it means it's time to build the APRS tracker on a veroboard, the project is in advanced state soon to be finished

It's working AGAIN !!
Now we, have a good frame, good path, good geolocation and all good things !!
Thanks to @dashie for the debug of the code because myself it's not possible and @f4iha for the work of the code and concept for the tracker, the "R2R" network is really new to me, after that the tracker are going to go in little box with button and led for attractivity, LEEEET'S GOOOOO !! 😎

Ooooh, look this little pack of mini relays 5V !! :3 😍

Some WEFAX mode are on 40m, never ear that before on ham band 😮

Trouvaille du jour, deux combiné téléphonique avec interrupteur PTT, il y a plus qu’à changer la capsule micro et écouteurs et le connecteur pour pouvoir les utiliser.

The find of the day, 2 handset with PTT, need to change the microphone and speaker capsule and the connector to be use.

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L’arrêt des serveurs Télétel (3615, 3611, …) où on s’y connectait avec un Minitel, c’était il y a pile 10 ans

Il va falloir que je pense à faire évoluer mon serveur Minitel qui a pas tellement changé depuis 2017
J’ai commencé à noter des trucs pour faire une refonte complète

My APRS Tracker is full alive !!! Thank you very much @f4iha for the help, now it’s time to build a plate for this pack of noodle.

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The first main part of my new antenna was finished, it’s a simple piece of coax with PL connector, the center pin + the shield are connected together, this is not an extension, this is the big loop.
Specialy made for portable operation.

My vacuum capacitor are complete ! I need some 3D print to mount this bad boy, so excited ti use it !! 🥰😍😘 :3

Ne pas paniquer, ne pas paniquer, ne pas paniquer,… Panique, panique, panique !

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