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πŸ“’ Any volunteers for discussion in old ?

Rendezvous every day at 19:00 UTC on
πŸ“» 3.980-3.983 MHz
πŸ“» 7.070-7.073 MHz
πŸ“» 10.142-10.143 MHz
πŸ“» 14.070-14.073 MHz
πŸ“» 18.103-18.104 MHz
πŸ“» 21.070-21.072 MHz
πŸ“» 21.085-21.087 MHz
πŸ“» 24.920-24.921 MHz
πŸ“» 28.070-28.073 MHz
πŸ“» 50.305-50.307 MHz

in USB on all bands.
Generally, at the beginning of frequency range and ... at the end

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition πŸš€

#Gemini capsule launched !


This capsule will gather information and test I could grab and make about #lowtech and #smolnet

It runs on my laptop, so it could be down when my machine is off.

A question for instance admins.

Why did you choose the software you did?
(Eg mastodon, pleroma, misskey, etc)

Would you still make the same choice now, after running your server for a while?

It's strange, I make only few QSO and do not feel the need to make more. Knowing I'm able to contact many operators is already very satisfying.
However, it would certainly be a good idea to train and so practice a bit more πŸ€”

Happy Chinese New Year

Is it possible to link from to (and http I guess)?
How do I format the menu items in my gophermap?

This doesn't seem to work...

1View via Gemini gemini://{{hostname}}
hView via HTTP https://{{hostname}}

I started a blog and published a post describing my experience, just in case it is helpful to other fellow hams:

Finally, I've switch my main computer from Debian 9 to .
Installation is very different and many operations and terminal lines input are necessary to have a full desktop environment. But, when it's done, it is very cool to have a system with the last version of each installed software. And the rolling release behavior ensures to be able to stay up to date without major upgrade operation

Sorry, got reading the timeline and forgot to post the information, and since some people asked.

White Island Volcano eruption on Dec. 9, 2019 - New Zealand
This extraordinary video, taken automatically from a home-installed camera, shows New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption 9 Dec 2019, where 5 people died.
Can’t believe the camera worked 24 seconds after things subsided!
**At the beginning: Please wait for 24 seconds when nature’s roar begins and, most importantly, another 24 seconds after the blackout.
It appears that the video has ended, but it hasn’t ….the screen clears to reveal the town devastation and the resulting flaming volcano.
This volcano eruption was filmed by an unmanned camera.
Keep watching even after the screen goes black.
The camera continues to transmit.
The town had been evacuated, but unfortunately, a tour boat was at the island. The boat is not in the video.

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what operating system you use?

@F1RUM Generally the rotors cause QSB. You can't operate from a hill with wind turbine(s). In northern Germany we have many - combined in "wind parks". It is impossible to receive a clear flutterfree signal in case you are nearby one or more of them.


Oh, Passion Radio, a French hardware reseller, has sent to me a new year gift : a QSO logbook, a pen and a sticker. Maybe I've bought many stuff last year πŸ€”

Went to a summit near home (15km), it was windy and I haven't heard any operator on 2m nor 70cm band.
Maybe wind turbines cause QRM? πŸ€”

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