I don't know what I've done but fldigi can't send sound through my FT-450D no more (wsjtx and JS8Call works)
fldigi switches ptt correctly, I see volume of modulation sent to TX in pulse audio mixer. But TX S-meter doesn't up, it seem to stay stuck to microphone (when I rub or speak in the TX microphone, TX S-meter reacts). It ignore incoming sound from PC. Same problem in CW/PSK/Olivia...all fldigi mode) I don't understand what is wrong.
Any idea ?

Lost my irreplaceable wedding ring on Sunday, July 5th. Longshot but I thought I'd post this in case it's spotted. I believe it slipped off during hand sanitizer. Possible locs:

- Vernon's Dnr, Bedford
- Esquire Rst.
- The BLT trail
- Glenbourne Bike Park

🙏 for any reshares.

RD-5R RX Group List; or, why you can hear me and I can't hear you 

Operating notes here


Thanks to @M0YNG and @KC3OWU for helping debug this, and to W8XM for the original ARROW code plug for the RD-5R that got me started.

The tl;dr is, if you have a Radioddity RD-5R with stock firmware, and you want to add a Feditalk channel, you have to add that channel both to TX info and to the RX group list.

(sounds blindingly obvious once you write it that way, but there you are)

High spot about 1100m. Some stations heard but too much wind to use mic.


Well, that's an intriguing question that craves for an much deeper answer than a simple post allows.

But just to start the discussion: music, espescially singing is a very important issue when it comes to estonian identity - and not only since the "singing revolution". As a layperson I would argue that maybe the most important cultural contribution of Estonia lies in the musical field. I assume that everybody knows about the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. (I was even sure that he would be recognized as the most famous Estonian - until my (foreign) students convinced me it's Ott Tänak, a rally driver, even a world champion.)

When it comes to popular music things are not that obvious. There are all these different genres and the only thing that's obvious is that there are no Estonian superstars existing in this area. At some moment I was sure that Kerli would outstrip Lady Gaga in popularity - but (for several reasons) it didn't happen.

Are there any Estonian artists who are at a global level? (Not that that would be of any importance.) But, yes, defintely. Some years ago the band "Evert and the two dragons" got famous. And yes, this may not be our favourite genre, but still: "Hats off".

At the moment I would claim that estonian RAP music stands out the most. There is something about the estonian language that fits very well with RAP, I'm not sure if I could explain what it's all about. But listening to Nublu will be quite addictive - even if you do not understand a word.

Considering your background (Rita Mitsoukou) you might enjoy "Sõpruse Puiestee" - a band from the beginning of this millenium but somehow influenced by german indedepent music from the 80s. (They are one of my favourites. The track I link to means something like "I'm really glad that people are that beautiful and virtous" :-)

By the way: you mentioned the European Song Contest and that it's not represantitive. There may be an exception with Estonia here: we still take this contest very seriously - not that serious than 10 years ago though. But the artists sent to compete are usually well known and very well respected here in Estonia.






J'ai vu plusieurs fois les Rita Mitsouko en concert, un bonheur total à chaque fois...

Et Catherine Ringer assure toujours autant en 2020, c'est comme ça 😁


I have an Arduino board UNO R3 and a Shield motor R3 (got it by error). But I don't know what I can do with these things.
Any idea for usage ?

Hey everyone!

I am new to all things social media so I appreciate your patience ahead of time!

I got my technical class licensure 2/2020 and have been exploring as many aspects of radio art that I can!

I am on analog 2m locally and have recently jumped into echolink. Man what a blast!

Up until this week I was solely on DMR, exploring the brandmeister network TGs.

I have a hotspot for the digital modes and have them crosslinked at home QTH.

Anyone know how to contruct menu items from variables in flask-gopher?

i.e. I want to link to users by ID, but I get errors like:

Could not build url for endpoint 'user/1'. Did you mean 'user' instead?

I'm going to look up the info on demand, so don't want to have a function hard coded for every possible user...

I have a question for people of the Fediverse that never lived in France and for which French isn’t their native language.
What do you associate with French music? What bands or artists came to your made if I ask you to think about French music?
I would be really interested to know the answer, so feel free to boost.

Site.js version 13.0.3 released with two bug fixes for sync when used with the new integrated Hugo static site generator feature.

If you already have Site.js, run:

site update

Otherwise, you can install it and play around with the getting started tutorials at:


I discover Gemini protocol. A very clever client-server new protocol between gopher and https... or a modern gopher


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