Life in times of #covid19 : Arrived home safely! I was really concerned about the police controls. Traveling to the estonian islands is suspended - except for the islanders. I was afraid they would ask me where the hell I have been the last 3 weeks (difficult familiy situation).

Switching on the radio I hear SG7A calling CQ on 80m, warming up for CQ WW WPX. Very good signal 59+10. Well it's Sweden, nothing special from Estonia, you may think. But the time is around 2200 UTC. It's the first time I worked Sweden when it's not in the morning.

Anyway: switching on the radio, pressing the PTT and talking to SG7A immediately, after 3 weeks of absence, gives you feeling of freedom, that maybe only a fellow ham can understand.

#introduction As a polymath, I always have the feeling that I get lost in all of my different interests and projects. Sometimes I think the fediverse can help me to get things under control. But it possibly will only increase chaos.

I'm working in the humanities but like to challenge myself with obsolete technologies. Looking at the soldering iron in my shaky hands is terrible but it will not prevent me go on trying.

On the air I hate 59 - 73! contacts. If you don't want to talk, do not answer my call. (FT8 is not an option.)

Always look at the big picture and try to dive deep. If you're only interested in your niche, we'll have little to share.

Does LineageOS support eSIM?

Please retoot. Cannot find any information.


Avec le #confinement, avez-vous noté une augmentation du traffic #radioamateur #pmr446 #cibi dans vos communes, régions ?

On a Baofeng UV-5R, it is possible to enable a roger beep 🎵 when releasing PTT :
- 1st tone 1123 Hz for 136 ms
- 2nd tone 865 Hz for 202 ms
- No delay before tones are sent.
- No space between tones.

Is it a good practice on VHF/UHF bands ?

I've post a french message to invite people to switch on PMR446 devices during covid-19 crisis, on Masto and Twittr. Reactions are slightly different 😕

🐘 great idea ! how to do it ? I shares... I translate it in english to share your good idea...

🐦 you should better invite people to pass ham exam / your photo shows a device not certified for pmr446 / You are ham, you should be more responsible and not invite people to break the law without remembering the rules...

Many 🤗 ❤️ ➡️ 🐘 users

🐦 🔫

Is still there an active group to get a qrz for this band ?

Is still there an active group to get a qrz for this band ?

LB: All of us in #Europe can also do this too (#PMR446 MHz radios are cheap and widely available in CEPT countries (not just EU/EEA, many others too) - perhaps you already have some at home?

The French suggest getting together from 11:00 local time on Channel 8 - 446,09375 MHz

Turn off CTCSS/DCS so you can hear everything), and keep the radio traffic suitable for families and kids to hear (so kids can discover how useful and fun radio communication in groups can be)

Chapeau: 🎩 @F1RUM

Vous avez un compatible ?

Et si on se donnait rendez-vous tous les jours à 11h00 (heure locale) sur le canal 8 pendant le les grands comme les petits. C'est bien beau d'être tout seul à la maison, mais si on peut discuter avec d'autres, c'est cool !

Les parents, c'est l'occasion de faire découvrir la à vos enfants. Un talkie walkie, c'est plus qu'un outil, c'est aussi un loisir sympa !

Canal 8 en FM (analogique) 446,09375 MHz

I am always looking for something new to discover in radio. I got started in DMR with an RD-5R and a MMDVM hotspot last summer, and I upgraded to a CS800 a couple of months ago and the learning opportunities keep me busy in my retirement. In fact, I am still learning - and relearning in the case of CW; I never transmitted in Morse, just transcribed it and haven't used it in 40+years, so I am working on recognition of characters and how to key. I always have something to work on.

I gave up after Win10 drivers messed up a laptop's microphone and video drivers - Installed Manjaro KDE and all works well now

So much for dead bands. This afternoon I worked CE2ML in Puchuncavi, Chile -- 8344 Km from Boston, USA -- on 20 meters CW. IC-706MK2 running barefoot into an inverted vee with the top at about 9 meters.

100 watts and a wire.

#HamRadio #MorseCode

It's that time of year again.
The time of year when people with too much money throw it at horses and get in helicopters to leave right over my house.

I don't suppose if anyone knows if there is any ATC I could listen in to?
I've not identified one yet...

Cheltenham Racecourse Heliport

The past weekend some members of the XMPP community gathered in Düsseldorf to work on the next iteration of the OMEMO End to End Encryption Specification. All of us agree that the result - version 0.4 of XEP-0384 - is a huge step forward and better than ever!

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