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📢 Any volunteers for discussion in old ?

Rendezvous every day at 19:00 UTC on
📻 3.980-3.983 MHz
📻 7.070-7.073 MHz
📻 10.142-10.143 MHz
📻 14.070-14.073 MHz
📻 18.103-18.104 MHz
📻 21.070-21.072 MHz
📻 21.085-21.087 MHz
📻 24.920-24.921 MHz
📻 28.070-28.073 MHz
📻 50.305-50.307 MHz

in USB on all bands.
Generally, at the beginning of frequency range and ... at the end

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80m-40m 🌞 day is now Good 😍 

12m-10m 🌞 day - Poor 😡
12m-10m 🌙 night - Poor 😡
17m-15m 🌞 day - Fair 😐
17m-15m 🌙 night - Fair 😐
30m-20m 🌞 day - Good 😍
30m-20m 🌙 night - Good 😍
80m-40m 🌞 day - Good 😍
80m-40m 🌙 night - Good 😍

I forked the Hugo theme "smol" and released it as "amberterm". If you see it, you know why it is named like that ;)

The theme includes the additional files to automatically generate a Gemini capsule from your Hugo markdown files.

More information here:

...and of course here: gemini://

This evening, I've tried different home-brew end fed antennas.

- about 10m wire + 49:1 unun (EFHW) tuned for 20m, 12m and 10m : 🙂

- 107' (32,6m) "random" wire : works on all bands from 80m to 10m but not very well 😐

- about 20m wire + 49:1 unun (EFHW) tuned for 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m : 🤩

This last one is already placed in my field backpack !

Please welcome me to the community of gemini site owners: gemini://

It is 100% automatically generated by Hugo from the same sources as

That is great fun!

I relaunched my personal website after I figured out how to handle the imprint obligation (Impressumspflicht). The new home can be found here:

Furthermore, I moved my GitHub repos to Still looking for the best method for notifying GitHub visitors about the new location.

I am using an (≈10m of wire with unun 1:49) tuned on and .
In your opinion, a long 84' (25.6m) "random" wire without an unun and with a 10m counterpoise could do better? The embedded ATU of the Xiegu G90 is quite efficient.

New #gemini #smolzine (nb 6) is out :)

💛 🙏 I support the German and Belgian people who are victims of floods.

We really screwed up our planet 😥

How do you power your raspberry pi zero?
Solar panel to buck regulator to super capacitor to lipo shim is a sensible way, right?

This is a C64 demo for a *1541 disk drive*, and I'm just 😯. Even though I already knew that C64's drives were essentially computers with CPU and RAM, just the idea to use serial data/clock lines for video output is so incredibly AMAZING. So cool.

My dad had lots of engineering, electronic, ham radio, computer, and audio/video gear and books, and had been doing his own electrical and plumbing work. My mom found someone who wanted most of the current ham gear 12ish years ago. But we have books galore (all dated) and bits of gear. I'll be posting some in this thread. If you want some, let me know by Thursday morning how you'd like to pay for shipping and I'll have the mailing shop nearby pack it up and send it out. For tools, make an offer.

My HF Windom wire antenna needed to be tuned... NanoVNA showed that it had low SWR on 5.5MHz, 9MHz, 12.5MHz, 16MHz and on a wide range between 24 and 53 MHz.
This offcenter fed antenna is very strange. I've split off about 40cm on the long wire. It is nearer to ham bands now

with JA8KSF from Japan : 9300 km 😜
We seem to be at the same latitude.

I Survived the Heat Dome and All I Got Was this Horrifying Glimpse into The Future We've Created

@ben @bcallah sorry to threadjack - but can you tell me more about hosting your own email? All the guides I find are old, weird, or for complex setups and all I want is one user on one domain.

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