@M0TDN Hi David, I haven't been on the radio very much because being deaf is a bit limiting to conversation over the air. I would like to do PSK, FT8 and RTTY. I have a UHSDR QRP rig, but have real difficulty with the settings for FLdigi and WSJT-x

Living with a G0 finally caught my interest and decided to go for it. My Foundation license arrived last October and my Intermediate last month! Hoping for the M0 before the end of the year. I am really really old but am interested in construction more than chatting really. Being deaf makes radio a bit difficult but I use google live transcribe on my phone for speech to text, it is quite accurate with clear audio. Details of my M7ele on QRZ.



Thanks for the great qso yesterday Christopher, I will get Graham to register too. Catch you all soon




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