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I now also ordered all necessary components. This will be fun :)

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This is great: ATX-80, a ZX-80 computer clone with an ATmega8 processor ( I just ordered 5 PCBs and will definitely build one of these.

Now that I have documented everything, it is safe to close all project related tabs 🙈

In english: "close 180 tabs?"

That was a very interesting weekend:

I modded a TYT MD380 so it can be used for M17 (, upgraded my MMDVM hat to FW 1.6.0 (which has M17 capabilities), flashed OpenRTX to the MD380 and was able to transmit to a M17 reflector from the HT via the Pi-Star hotspot.

Still can't believe i did not destroy the MD380. The mod did not work at first but the awesome openrtx devs helped me fix it.

Today I learned how to properly configure a MMDVM/Pi-Star hotspot. Before, I modified the RX Offset parameter until the BER is at the minimum and then set the TX offset to the same value. The result was that I got good reports but reception was crappy.

Here is a manual on how to figure out the correct values for both params:

Turned out that my RX Offset is +450 and the Offset for TX is 675.

Dear hams of mastodon: I was thinking that it would be nice to have a regular net - maybe via EchoLink or DMR. What do you think?

The Hardrock-50 Remote Display is making progress. You can now execute shell scripts/programs on the server side or send predefined commands to the HR50 with a short or long push on the built-in button. In my case a short press switches antennas via a USB relay and a long press instructs the tuner to retune during the next transmission.

Server side code runs now threaded so there will be no conflicts of serial commands anymore.

I have to admit that I really don't like ESP/Arduino programming.

Is there a single board computer that can be powered directly with 13,8V DC? Doesn't need to be performant at all.

Coding a Python application for Windows is a weird experience but now I have a "fancy" tool to control and monitor my Hardrock-50 power amplifier over the network.

I think I have found a solution: A matrix server is now running on a dedicated VPS with several bridges: IRC, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp. Looks very promising!

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Dear Mastodonians! I have the problem that I have been recently forced to use Whatsapp. I bought a burner phone and got a prepaid SIM for it. This is a crappy solution and I am looking for an alternative. Something that forwards ingoing Whatsapp messages to Threema/Signal/etc. Maybe even to two different phones (wife's and mine). I don't need to be able to answer/send messages, only need to read them. And no, it is not possible to convince others not to use Whatsapp and yes, I need the messages.

I released two small projects last night:

* A Hardrock-50 API which basically wraps HTTP around the serial interface of the power amplifier
* A standalone, WiFi enabled, ESP32 based display that remotely displays all the information you could normally read from the LCD which is built into the Hardrock-50 power amplifier.

I wrote a blog post with further information here:

What I wrote there should have been the alternative text for the image. I’m getting old…

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ESP32 Board with OLED display showing information from a remote ham radio power amplifier

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And the remote display is working! Next step will be to add some more API methods to alter settings on the PA via the ESP32 board.

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The server side code is beta enough for production. Now I need to wait for the ESP32 board to arrive the next days.

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Now I have this nice power amplifier running at a remote place and I am not able to read its display to gather important information like SWR, power of the selected band. And there's a unreachable button for initating the tuning cycle. :(

What did you say? Query the data from its serial port, wrap an API around it with Python Flask, order an ESP32 with an OLED, let it pull the data over the network and make a tiny, portable and wifi connected display? Maybe with a tune button?

Ok, let's go!

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