Here is a nice cheat sheet for those who also have problems interpreting the excellent solar report banner:

I am thrilled how far you can get with 4w transmission power (SSB / Phone). The uBitx is a surprisingly nice TRX! The map shows the result after a few evenings of operating the uBitx.

I received and built my new uBitx v6 QRP transceiver yesterday. Connected to a lipo battery and the 4-BTV vertical it gave me a few QSOs with Bosnia, Denmark, Poland and Austria. Very impressed so far!

The first mod will be the addition of an AGC.

There is no other feeling like the one you have when - in the middle of the night, while everyone else is sleeping, sitting in the dimly lit basement in front of the radio - you hear a station located on an exotic island thousands of kilometers away finally say your call sign and then you press PTT to share the frequency with a stranger who shares the same passion with you.

This weekend I’ll try to bring up the G7FEK antenna. Not sure if I’m able to provide the necessary height or to place the pretty long radials in a good way but I think it is worth a try.

Does anyone of you own a Hermes Lite 2 SDR TRX? I just ordered one and am looking for a PA. 50W would make me happy.

I wrote a Python script that

* monitors one or more Brandmeister TGs for activity
* stalks one or more hams and detects when they key up in any TG

The script will then notify you via Pushover or Telegram with a message like this:

"N0CALL (No One) was active on 91 (World-wide) at 2020/12/08 12:04 (8 seconds)"

It's still beta and I would be happy to have your feedback. You can find it here:

Today I finally had my first succeful satellite QSO! The other operator was maritime mobile, the satellite was SO-50. I nearly messed up when I lost the satellite during the QSO while manually holding the arrow antenna. Is there a good solution for mounting the arrow II antenna on a tripod?

Is there any free or even open source COM port emulator/splitter for Windows 10 available? I'm using "Virtual Serial Port Emulator" from Eterlogic at the moment but am interested in alternatives.

Just look at this beautiful hand crafted QSL card! It’s also very special because it confirms my first Hell (rag chew) QSO with a very nice OM. Thank you Eric, F4FAP!

1/2 Some changes: As a new operator I made ~2350 QSOs since I started last July. As one can see, I've put a lot of time and effort into the hobby that should have spent on more important things like my family. Time went mostly into digimodes, changing/developing software/hardware setups, troubleshooting and into constantly monitoring WSJT-X. I now decided to quit everything that needs a PC connected to the rig and reduce my activities to SSB, logging manually and filling out QSL cards.

Sorry for being so repetitive but this antenne is more than awesome!

I successfully moved my logbook to (self-hosted) so I'm finally able to migrate to a Linux desktop in the shack. The following diagram shows how it might look.

blue=local software
yellow=web services
dashed lines=no solution yet

What are your thoughts? How would you log from fldigi and flwkey to Cloudlog?

Had fun last night making a shortened 30m dipole based on the calculations of OE1MEW. If everything goes well, I’ll be QRV on 30m this weekend 😊

I created a list of useful mods for the G90 transceiver here:

These include:
* power cable
* ferrite beads
* microphone mod
* bigger VFO knob

I also listed some additional resources. Hope this is useful to some of you.


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