Dear Mastodonians! I have the problem that I have been recently forced to use Whatsapp. I bought a burner phone and got a prepaid SIM for it. This is a crappy solution and I am looking for an alternative. Something that forwards ingoing Whatsapp messages to Threema/Signal/etc. Maybe even to two different phones (wife's and mine). I don't need to be able to answer/send messages, only need to read them. And no, it is not possible to convince others not to use Whatsapp and yes, I need the messages.

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I think I have found a solution: A matrix server is now running on a dedicated VPS with several bridges: IRC, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp. Looks very promising!

@DL6MHC Facebook makes everything in its power to ban or sue all tries to make such attempts possible.
Don't use Facebook products :(

@Revertron I know :( Never had a Facebook/Whatsapp account but I can now chose between freedom and my kid suffering because of me doing the actually right thing. Via Whatsapp we receive important information about my son's soccer club, kindergarten and possible additional leisure activities outside of kindergarten. I know it's wrong, but there are times in life when you have to set priorities.

@DL6MHC If you have a spare phone (as you wrote), you can try to set Tasker to read notifications from Whatsapp and do something with them.
But I don't know if it is possible to show whole message in notification...

@Revertron Thank you - I'll look into that!

At the moment I am trying to find out if a Matrix server would help me with this and maybe solve some other problems.

@DL6MHC A bit of guessing here. Can Matterbridge and Mattermost work?
I'm not completely up to speed on which protocols Matterbridge support, maybe it supports Whatsapp?

@DL6MHC i didn't know there was a whatsapp to matrix bridge. does it still require a phone to be connected to the official app like the current desktop apps do?

@kevin yes, it does require a WhatsApp installation on a phone somewhere. It sucks but at least I don’t have their app on my actual phone, just on an idling burner phone.

@DL6MHC oh OK that makes sense. My country doesn't have burners (cell numbers must be registered with an ID before they work) but I suppose if its sitting in one location it will have access to a very limited set of user data.

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