Now I have this nice power amplifier running at a remote place and I am not able to read its display to gather important information like SWR, power of the selected band. And there's a unreachable button for initating the tuning cycle. :(

What did you say? Query the data from its serial port, wrap an API around it with Python Flask, order an ESP32 with an OLED, let it pull the data over the network and make a tiny, portable and wifi connected display? Maybe with a tune button?

Ok, let's go!

The server side code is beta enough for production. Now I need to wait for the ESP32 board to arrive the next days.

And the remote display is working! Next step will be to add some more API methods to alter settings on the PA via the ESP32 board.


ESP32 Board with OLED display showing information from a remote ham radio power amplifier

What I wrote there should have been the alternative text for the image. I’m getting old…

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