To the ham radio operators among us: Do you log each and every QSO? I am doing this at the moment but it feels a bit more like a burden than benefitial. I am thinking of switching from an electronic log to a paper log which is not focused on QSOs but on the other OM/YL. An idea would be a ring binder with custom paper sheets where one or more pages are dedicated to one OM/YL. On this page i would take notes on what has been discussed, when and with what reports.


Default 59-73 QSOs would then not be logged any more. What are your thoughts?

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Oh and maybe a set of regular qso log pages (1 line per QSO) for unpersonal but somewhat special contacts, e.g. new DXCC, band etc.

Will I regret not having logged all the mechanical QSOs? Would you be interested in a DIN A5 (or half letter format) template for this?

@DL6MHC I like the idea. More like having a diary of the life on the bands. It will add more value to real QSOs.

@do5dos yes, exactly! I‘ll share it when it’s done and will ask for improvements :)

I think this a good idea - you don' t need every QSO to be logged. Especially no. everyday chat on 2 m etc. I use a computer log for most "DX" to be logged . And I have an additional paper-log for QSO when no computer is running. I use the plain side of my log for additional notes.

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