@DL6MHC What is RFI hunting? Radio Frequenz Interference?

Does it deal with radio noise (Ibknow this from WLAN problems...)?

@alieninvader yes, excactly. I have a noise source in my neighbourhood that makes nearly any communication on most short wave amateur radio bands impossible. It goes on and off day and night without any understandable pattern. It is very frustrating.

@DL6MHC A stupid question, but shouldn't all devices be checked not to emit RFI? On every computer device for example is a FCC conformity label, so it shouldn't emit RFI.
Or am I wring?

@alieninvader you are right, they should. Fact is, that many LEDs and power supplies are very crappy. I furthermore just discovered that our new washing machine is horrible too and emits stuff even if turned off.

@DL6MHC Very interesting. I only knew until now that cheap power supplies emit noise with 50 Hz, but probably these will also emit RFI i think. Could be interesting to get deeper into this topic.

@DL6MHC Wow, very impressive. Now I think RFI and EMC are not only industrial application problems. Probably that was kind of naive.

@vu3rdd so far the main light in the garden shed (LED) and the washing machine (youtu.be/ErQgSyZdxAQ). Sadly none of them is responsible for my s8 noise floor :/

@DL6MHC For the washing machine, have you considered opening it and changing the mains filter? These are metal canned units that contain an inductor, a capacitor at input and output each as shunt. They are usually used in washing machines, but perhaps changing it in your unit may help.

I too have a number of RFI sources. Today, I heard a very weak signal from Europe in the morning. Then someone switched off the offending equipment and that weak signal turned strong. Worked that station easily.

@vu3rdd No, I won't open it - I think i still have warranty. But I might go down the fun path of contacting the manufacturer and ask them, what the callsign of my washing machine is. If it has no call sign, I'll report them for illegal transmissions on the ham bands :)

@DL6MHC :-) Nice! It is great that authorities there support reporting against such devices. Here it is not even possible.

BTW, there was good opening between VU and DL lands yesterday evening. Worked two DL stations last evening on CW.

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