@DL6MHC I built an Elecraft K2 once. It was their last major kit that was entirely user built. I found the toroid winding strangely therapeutic. 73

@W8HF Oh very nice! Yes, it is! And i realized something when I was winding them during a longer meeting: I actually was able to follow everything that was discussed. Doesn't take much brain time and allows you to combine the practical with the useful :)

@DL6MHC How did you strip the enamel off the wire? I remember trying both a flame and fine sandpaper.

@W8HF I scratched it off with a cutter knife. Don’t know if this actually will work.

@DL6MHC I recall using a wire that had an insulating enamel that was designed to be removed with heat. This is a long time ago so don’t know what is common today. The multi port transformers were really fun to wind. Great to use different wire colors to make each tap stand out. 73

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