Please welcome me to the community of gemini site owners: gemini://

It is 100% automatically generated by Hugo from the same sources as

That is great fun!

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which tuto/doc have you follow for generating it with Hugo?

@F1RUM I will send you the links when I am back home. I mixed the information of two tutorials for my site. You can find the source here:

@DL6MHC thanks, I've already done same config but I remember where is the trouble : my hugo site is multilingual fr/en and gemini is only generated in english (base lang)... &

I think I will change to a "gemini first" site (writing pages directly in gemini format) and use a tool I've found to generate http/https version in live mode.

@F1RUM Sounds like a solid solution. This tool looks nice, too:

Haven't tried it but i looks like you can provide a css file to make the html version a little prettier.

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