Hi! My name is Sven and I was born in 1984. I‘m a HAM since 2001 and upgraded my license only 20y later (Dec 2021) 😁.
I’m located in the very west of Germany in a city called Duisburg (JO31IJ).
I‘m interested in (but not FT8) and I like QSOs that go on for longer than 10 minutes. A few weeks ago I started learning CW.

@DF2KS Hi, Sven, I'm delighted to meet you here, too!

Later today, at 19:30 CET = 18:30 UTC, the DARC HamGroup for free digital voice will meet on approximately 3625 kHz, probably using mode 700E (or 700D?). I hope to be there, too, and am curious how far I'll get with my station. Details and BBB backchannel . Would be great to do another long group talk!

@dj3ei Why I'm not surprised to meet you here? :) ist exactly my plan for this evening. I noticed the FreeDV in December, but my focus was still on getting the A license. On monday I asked Tom Kamp, DF5JL how to get access to the HAMgroup. And yesterday I've set up FreeDV and the connection to my rig. Unfortunately Rx on 80m @ home is vy bad, Tx even impossible. So I will be operating on with a -4 antenna. At 19:00 CET I will start to set up the clubstation.

@DF2KS Welcome Sven, Maybe we will catch up on 40Mtrs one day, good luck with the CW.

Welcome to operator Sven.

73 from the Netherlands.

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