Morse code practice set-up. Heathkit HD-10 keyer and a J-38 straight key. These were among my very first hamfest purchases when I first got my license.

New shelf over my desk. The plan is to use it for things that are currently being used, but idle and cluttering up my desk. *Ideally* there won't be too many things on the shelf and they won't stay long.




Found an enclosure box that I think might work. A bit on the big side, but then again so are the joystick and button. Box isn't quite deep enough to put the button on top, so I think maybe on the side as a finger button.

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Two Zippy joysticks, two big red buttons, two Atari 2600 joystick cables, and a bunch of spade connectors. Now to think about enclosures and wiring.

Well, I'm getting all 0s out, but honestly I don't know if that's because I'm not reading the EPROM properly, or if it really does have all 0s in it. Probably the former.

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Looks a bit of a mess, but let's see if I can read anything off this random EPROM

Yay! Stuff to build new joystick controllers with for my Atari 2600s

Wired up a 9V connector to the radio and powered it with 8 AA NiCad batteries in battery holder. Radio seems to transmit ok. Wasn't hearing anything on receive, and the squelch dial didn't seem to work all that well.

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Clipped on a 12V battery pack to the power leads, turned it on and heard some static, so it sounds like the radio still works. Will see if I can manage to find another 9.6V battery pack to replace the missing one and figure out a charging solution.

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A lone integrated circuit just has a sticker label saying NIS-103. Guessing maybe this takes care of producing the DTMF codes from the number pad on the front.

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2 circuit boards inside. Guessing the one with the wire coils and variable inductors handles the RF side of things, and the other board handles the controls.

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The battery pack was removed (probably because it went bad) and a car power adapter was wired in its place. Based on other pictures of the Tempo S1 I've seen online, the telescoping antenna was replaced with a BNC connector, and the earphone/antenna jacks have been replaced.

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Pretty good ARRL Field Day in the back yard yesterday. Fun casual time on the air.

Planning for another back yard this weekend. Will be activating the W4BXC Half Wave Society club call as a 1D station (my generator is too obnoxiously loud for playing radio) for this year's festivities.

Found a bunch (9) of these Microsystems International MF1103R 1kbit (128 byte) DRAM chips (a version of the Intel 1103 chip) in a parts bin. The date code marks these as 1974 vintage.

I'll have to see if I can figure out how to test them to see if any of them still work.

The weather widget at lets me pick degrees Kelvin for the temperature unit

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