The TS-130S seems to work when powered by my Astron power supply. There's something odd going on though. The heat sink on the back of the radio gets warm even when ithe radio is turned off. This could be a big project.

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There's no power coming from the power supply so that will be at least one more project.

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This Kenwood TS-130S and PS-30 power supply was one of the donations to the club by an SK estate.

Back on the workbench: Heathkit IG-102 signal generator. This time it's getting some new capacitors. First I need to see if I've got any suitable replacements on hand.

Conveniently, a schematic showing how everything is connected is attached to the base plate.

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The back of the microphone head comes off with four screws. Mmmm, look at that delicious foam rot. Will probably have to get a new microphone element. Those connections are pretty ugly looking thanks to the rotting foam.

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Base plate comes off after removing 3 screws. Terminal strip, amplifier circuit, volume control, and a very dead 9V battery. Looks pretty stock to me.

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I don't have any radios that use a 4-pin connector, so I can't use it yet until I get around to making an adapter. In the meantime, thought I'd see what it was like inside.

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I've always liked the aesthetics of the Astatic D-104 microphones, so when I saw one for sale at a flea market a few months ago, I bought it.

Got the balun rebuilt and it seems to be working properly. Still needs weather proofing, but I"ll do that if it ends up living outside more permanently.

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Rebuilding this LDG 4:1 balun. It apparently spent much of its previous life outdoors un-weatherproofed, so the only original parts are going to be the toroid and the case.

An Atlas 210X 5 band HF rig mounted in a 220-CS AC console. Sounds like it works but I need to connect it to a proper antenna. Haven't looked inside the radio yet.

Love this newest straight key added to my collection, made from...a key. Acquired this one through the 2020 ARRL Auction

Havent' had much time to play with this RigExpert Stick 230 antenna analyzer, but I think the REPLACEABLE 18650 battery is a pretty great feature

It's ! Vote for the fattest bear at Brooks River in Katmai National Park as they head toward hibernation.

A couple more x-rays of my HP 28S. 80 kV, 2 mAs. The higher energy shows some more detail through the circular object.
Thanks to a friend of mine for reminding me that the HP 28S can beep, so the large circular thing would be a piezo buzzer.

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X-ray of my HP 28S. 28 kV, 63 mAs. Not sure what the large dense circular object is, but it's something that sits under the LCD. Perhaps some epoxy covering up a chip. I'll have to try another shot with higher energy x-rays.

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