I'm so sorry to say it, but today @linuxjournal closed down for good. As you can imagine we are all so sad that this is the end. You can read my final goodbye here:

Integrated Development Environment KDevelop 5.3 is released today with support for the Qt analyzer Clazy plus improved C++, Python and PHP support.


tech/AI shitpost 

turns out that “AI” is just a bunch of if statements stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat

One day I will learn how to design PCBs, but until then I will find other things people have already shared on OSHPark that do more-or-less what I want and buy them! oshpark.com/shared_projects/Oa used to make gqrp.com/technical2.htm

Hunkered down. House is prepped. Supplies laid in. Waiting on Florence now.

Something I've heard about and been wanting to try out

Using a PC sound card to receive VLF radio signals youtu.be/L2W1x6Rb9hI


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