A first edition 1926 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook with a cool story joined my ARRL Handbook collection

A very old and well-worn 1931 8th edition @arrl Handbook has been added to my collection. Need to be careful reading through this one because it's pretty fragile and the binding isn't in great shape.

Moved the to a larger breadboard to give myself more room to play with

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TIL: M-x morse-region and M-x unmorse-region exist

Expanded my ARRL Handbook collection by one with the acquisition of a 1963 Handbook. Looking forward to the 100th Edition 2023 ARRL Handbook

Morse code practice set-up. Heathkit HD-10 keyer and a J-38 straight key. These were among my very first hamfest purchases when I first got my license.

New shelf over my desk. The plan is to use it for things that are currently being used, but idle and cluttering up my desk. *Ideally* there won't be too many things on the shelf and they won't stay long.




Found an enclosure box that I think might work. A bit on the big side, but then again so are the joystick and button. Box isn't quite deep enough to put the button on top, so I think maybe on the side as a finger button.

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Two Zippy joysticks, two big red buttons, two Atari 2600 joystick cables, and a bunch of spade connectors. Now to think about enclosures and wiring.

Well, I'm getting all 0s out, but honestly I don't know if that's because I'm not reading the EPROM properly, or if it really does have all 0s in it. Probably the former.

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Looks a bit of a mess, but let's see if I can read anything off this random EPROM

Yay! Stuff to build new joystick controllers with for my Atari 2600s

Wired up a 9V connector to the radio and powered it with 8 AA NiCad batteries in battery holder. Radio seems to transmit ok. Wasn't hearing anything on receive, and the squelch dial didn't seem to work all that well.

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Clipped on a 12V battery pack to the power leads, turned it on and heard some static, so it sounds like the radio still works. Will see if I can manage to find another 9.6V battery pack to replace the missing one and figure out a charging solution.

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A lone integrated circuit just has a sticker label saying NIS-103. Guessing maybe this takes care of producing the DTMF codes from the number pad on the front.

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