Finished up Field Day with 67 contacts in the log and just one QSO on 10m. Got some kids on the air with their granddad using HTs. Was a great day.

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All set for Field Day! Will be operating as W4BXC for as long as these three batteries hold out

Best find of the Atlanta . NR4CB found a bin of slide rules and slide rule books including a neat little round one

10 years ago today, I passed the Tech and General class license exams!

Finally got around to getting a 70cm mobile radio set up in the shack. Radio is feeding a mag mount about 6' off the ground perched on a shelf. Managed to check into a local ARES net through a repeater about 30 miles away. Colour me impressed.

The 10m part of the antenna seems to at least sort of work reception-wise. Picked up some KP4 stations yesterday evening.

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Finally got the 6m/10m fan dipole in the attic connected and trimmed up. Reasonable SWR across the 6m and 10m bands and the radio's ATU doesn't seem to hate it.

Now to see if I can make any contacts with it...

Added some shelving to the radio side of my office. Using some short shelf boards left over from another shelving project to work out the shelf height I want. Will probably add a third level later.

Very handy tip we got from the home inspector when our house was being built: Take pictures of everything before the drywall goes up. Take lots of pictures.
Future you will be very thankful.

Antenna is hanging up in the attic. Tuning will have to wait until I can get some fish tape to help pull the coax through the conduit. Tried pushing the coax through, but the RG-8X kept getting hung up and it's too flexible to just push through.

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Hatching up a plan to build a cart/wagon for these batteries to make them easier to move around the house for back yard radio operating

ARRL Handbook collection grew by one with the addition of 1988. It fills in the gap between 1980 and 1993 quite nicely.

A first edition 1926 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook with a cool story joined my ARRL Handbook collection

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