Man....some pileups are hard to break with 100 watts and a dipole.

Yesterday I asked you what comes to mind when you hear “First Responder.” My answer? You! Check out or for info on how you can .

Who do you think of when you hear the words “First Responder?”

I consider myself a good white guy who helps when/where I can, treats ALL with respect/the way I’d like to be treated. I’m tired of being told that everything’s my fault and that I’m not doing enough to fix it. It’s gonna take everyone…not some.

In East TN? Mark your calendars NOW for ET Skywarn District 5s FIRST training net of 2022! It'll be on July 10 at 8:00 PM Eastern on 146.940 MHz (- offset, 118.8 PL). Each net will have a training topic and announcements from district 5 leaders.

Check out Hams Over IP, a fast growing Voice Over IP service that allows hams all over the world to communicate using phones. There’s even RF links available!

@M0YNG Home owners' association. It's a group of people who have a limited contractual claim a property. With that claim they can make all kinds of demands on people's property and, if they don't get their way, they have the power to foreclose on the property itself.

It's basically ham radio Hell. The other ham radio Hell would be a historic district.

🚨independent thought alarm has been triggered! Executing M112. 🚨

Scud clouds associated with the front yesterday evening. View is looking West toward I-140 & Northshore Dr. in .

Home sweet Tennessee. Errrr…wrong song but it’s true. Lol.

Remembering those who died while serving in our armed forces. Families, thank you for your sacrifice.

I was good for something today. My niece found where the family was sitting my spotting my bald head.

Today is bitter-sweet. My niece and godchild graduates from high school. She’s an exceptional young lady & I can’t wait to see what her college chapter in life brings her.

on the are a reflection of us…so is . Don’t like what you see? Change it! Act with integrity. Treat people well & equally. Check out this podcast episode where they talk about a bill moving through to split off the ad business of anyone who has $20bn USD in ad sales.

Whelp, last day of today. I’ve not posted much because the YouTubers Bunch is active. Neat stuff & people seen though. A reunion indeed.

It’s gonna be a wet morning! KILN - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1 06:44 EDT

We now have a “Guide for Clubs” available in the “Activator Training” section of our official resources

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